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All the cells in the body are intelligent and if you understand that every part of your body is interconnected, and then your intuitive senses are intensified, your mind and body communicate energetically, as well you build a resistance to viruses and build antibodies against the virus

After years of witnessing clients adapt, change and progress to move forward, I have discovered that these viruses in the world are present to help humankind evolve and survive helping to increase the strength of the immune system to adjust to the sudden rapid increase of changing climatic environments.

Viruses have their own collective thought systems and they are intelligent. They have collective thought systems, just like the human thought systems. Therefore we need to learn how to communicate with the body, as well as the virus.

Instead of thinking, “I want to get rid of the virus”. It may benefit you to think, “How is this virus helping me evolve”. This is forward thinking. To change your own perceptions and look at alternative ways to communicate in the world, and that means, to understand that training the intuitive sense of telepathy will guide you to be in the right place at the right time.

Another explanation of telepathy is clairvoyance, extrasensory skills, and premonition or a sixth sense. However I think it goes beyond a 6th sense. I think we have more senses to acquire and we need to accomplish this now, so we then can predict a future.

If we do this, then people will have insights on how to develop new ways of thinking, even scientifically to find ways to heal the planet, and our environment.

What I have discovered after continually healing myself using the Direction Technique, that I communicate with the intelligence of the virus, “the collective thoughts systems of the virus” and these beliefs, conscious thoughts help me heal.

I reference “Adapting to the future”, in the same context as, training your intuitive senses to facilitate “Visionary Skills”. In history, people used the term “Seer”, for people who had the ability of being a channel, psychic, medium or forecaster. It is time now for people to learn how to be there own “Seer” so they regain hope to live a fulfilling life.

That is why in February I will be presenting the “Visionary” workshop, which concentrates on vibrating energy inside the pituitary gland. This gland needs to be stimulated not only for physical functional reasons, but to develop the ability to “see” the future. I will also help vibrate energy into the thymus gland, which helps the body build up its immune system.

That is another reason why I developed, refined the simple “Direction Technique”. This teaches people to look into their own future.  To learn to be their own “Visionary”, or “Seer.” Then they have the ability to use the neurons in their brain to take action and create a positive future.

The next generation needs a future. What I have acknowledged is, it is important to reflect on the past, the present, change perceptions, but the Direction Technique teaches you tools to be objective, look at the past, present and future.

The unique system, the “Direction Technique” trains your intuitive senses (psychic senses), balances your hormones and glands to prepare you for your future, meaning, and foresight.

Use Your Brainwaves to Heal

To train your neurons in your brain is the key to a successful future. To train your energy helps you notice that you can be control of your own destiny and create a future, so that you let go of past hurts, allow the correct energy to support you and you will find you will be in the right place at the right time.

Say thank you to yourself for any struggles in your life and then change what is not working for you. Then say, thank you for the virus for slowing you down, to allow your brain, your neurons, your psychic senses, to adapt and make the changes to help you evolve.

The benefits of being able to adapt to the new viruses are your immune system and glands, psychic ability evolve and you begin the process of learning the next intuitive sense – foresight.

The benefits for the world to being able to adapt to the new viruses is, the human consciousness can wake up their intelligence and be aware of how energy affects peoples’ psychi, body functions and these evolved intelligent minds that are stable, will be able to feel compassion, therefore this intelligence will bring forth new technology to heal the planet. The world will understand that energy will heal our planet.  

The Direction Technique will help you adapt if you get the virus. It helps you be aware how the collective conscious beliefs of the world, especially in times of crisis affect individuals. For example throughout history, world wars, economic instability, collective thoughts of worry, despair, lack of financial independence, allows the human mind to weaken, the immune system to weaken, and then becomes a host for the intelligence of the collective beliefs of the virus.

Focus For Direction
 How to Self Heal and Find Your Own Answers

In my book, Focus for Direction-How to Self Heal and Find Your Own Answers, I have stated the collective beliefs that attract diseases, alongside showing the harmonic pathway of sound vibration that tracks the virus pathways in the body and heals the body.

These viruses have certain sounds, and each virus sound is different. That is why I take people to communicate with the dolphins’ sound vibration and teach you to intuitively communicate to prepare their auditory senses, to self heal and enhance auditory senses for self healing.

Within my book, I have documented case studies of how the Direction Technique healed a stomach, tinnitus, deafness all of which were caused by viruses, as well explaining what the sounds are of herpes, shingles, chicken pox, HIV/AIDs, influenza. However, the most important message I want to share to the world how the power of energy and harmonic sound vibrations can heal a body and the virus.                             

Each of us has the power and ability already within us to create a positive life. When you add the new energy of Direction Technique you are able to channel your existing energy into a form that helps your neurons to function at a new level that allows for new thought positivity to vibrate in your cells and is transmitted throughout your body and brain to help you to regain hope and live a fulfilling life.

Katrina Jean Taylor

Medical Intuitive/Energy Healer




New Way of Treating a Virus

  1. A new technique of treating viruses through a breakthrough energy healing, “Direction Technique” founded by Katrina Jean Taylor.
  2. The first step is to understand that a person’s thought patterns affects the body’s immune system.
  3. Viruses such as influenza, shingles, chicken pox and herpes have sounds in the body.
  4. These viruses can be treated through sound vibration which is the new energy healing called Direction Technique.
  5. Some viruses including Zika and HIV, have no sounds which make them so dangerous
  6. Viruses thrive in large groups of people where the collective group thinking is negative
  7. Negative thinking in a group weakens the immune system, which makes individuals vulnerable to a virus.
  8.  The new way of treating the virus is for the individual to think for themselves in a positive way, which gets them out of the  influences of the negative collective.
  9. With positive thoughts and beliefs about yourself, the body builds its own natural resistance to the virus, which strengthens in the body.
  10. Viruses are not going anywhere. They are weakening the bodies' immune systems, making them susceptible to bacteria entering the body, then the excessive use of antibiotics are losing their efficiency.
  11. Now the language around the virus moves from “attack, fight, against, defend” to a positive new way of language and talking which is one of  “adapting, co-existing, harmony”.  With this new language, individuals change their behavior and actions which positively influences homes, schools, work, communities, relationships, cities, the world and ultimately the  overall collective moves to one of co-existing with each other in peace..
  12. The tool to create all this change, is the new breakthrough energy healing called the “Direction Technique,” which is documented with case studies in Katrina Jean Taylor's book "Focus for Direction."

Every Virus Has a Sound

Every virus has a sound once it enters the body and I have the ability to hear it.Viruses including those that have a sound are shingles, herpes, influenza, but the viruses of HIV and Zika, don’t have a sound that makes them so dangerous.

Living in Harmony with the Virus

How do we learn to live in harmony with the virus? The answer lies in sound vibration. Each virus has a unique sound in the body and these sounds travel in different pathways in the body, depending on the virus.

The virus is not going anywhere. We can live in harmony with the virus and have a choice if a virus enters into our body.  

We are moving our mind-set (individuals thoughts, beliefs, thinking patterns and beliefs), changing our perceptions, beliefs and the way we think and feel. Instead of fighting the virus, we can learn to live side by side, or together with the virus.

The Direction Technique teaches you how to make the sounds that heal the virus and educates you which sound you need to harmonize the body to help in the treatment in the virus.

Where Viruses Move in the Body

The Herpes virus, lodges at the base of spine, in the connective tissue, and when dormant is enclosed by the perimeter of the spine. Its tone (similar to that produced by certain parasites) resembles munching, a sort of crunching or scraping sound that grates on the nerves.

The Herpes virus, prevalent to many societies and been part of our existence for lifetimes has adapted to living inside the human body, but so has the thinking of the human mind-set, both have their own thoughts that are intelligent and they live together. I have observed the symptoms of the adapted herpes display unusual outbreaks, different from the common herpes symptoms.

It may be something to ponder. What if the Herpes virus may be in the world to protect immune systems from being influenced from other viruses?

In the virus course I train the human ear to hear the sounds of shingles, herpes, AIDS, and influenza, as well to track the pathway the virus takes in the body.

For certain viruses I see the final exit point out of the body is in the “eye”. I see the iris of the human eye dilate in size. At the time the virus exits the body, depending on the client, I see the colour of the eye change suddenly, then reverts back to the natural color.

The influenza virus hides in the lungs (in the arterioles), and its tone is that of a drum being beaten loudly. Because the sound is similar to that of the heart beating, you must be careful not to confuse the viral tone with the pulse of the body’s circulation system.

But in the case of the Zika and AIDS/HIV they have no sound and the pathway is uncontrolled in the body and goes everywhere.  They lay dormant in the back of the neck, which makes sense because people don’t see from behind. The virus lurks at the top of the spine, around the level of the third vertebra (the etheric field of mistrust), where it maintains a constant spinning motion. From there, it can move outwards to many other parts of the body without any apparent rhyme or reason. Often, too, it hides in pockets behind the eyes.

The viruses that have no sounds can be life threatening. 

The Direction Technique

The Direction Technique also helps recognise mass consciousness of energy that weakens the body and the immune system, becomes vulnerable and open to portal fields. People need to understand the energy around and outside of the body can get disrupted and weaken, allowing a virus to enter a body.

People tend to always go to the past. That is important to understand but now is the time for a new era of adding the need to see your future, so the emphasis needs to change the mind-set on the past to live a full life today and change the mind-set to also go to the future which is new, to fully to enjoy our present life.

The Direction Technique brings whole new additional knowledge and it’s simple. It gives you tools to be able to look into the future and use that knowledge to help us create what we want in our life today.

Then you need to understand what the collective beliefs around you that have weakened your bodies systems to allow that virus to come in. This is where the treatment of the virus begins. I objectively look at collective beliefs. I change how I operate within that collective group.

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Katrina Jean Taylor
Medical Intuitive/Energy Healer
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