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Katrina Jean Taylor, medical intuitive, energy healer, medium, suburban shaman, clairvoyant, channeller, author and international speaker. Share in Katrina's knowledge of ancient wisdom, dolphin communication, and her experience with thousands of client sessions.  Her new energy healing method, Direction Technique uses "Three Quick Breathes" to release blockages of energy within the body to bring about changes in the body across six levels -cellular, physical, emotional, mental, behavioural and spiritual. 

Katrina uses a holistic approach and has positive outcomes with illnesses, such as anxiety, diabetes, addictions, back pain, brain cancer, leukaemia, eye cancer, cervical cancer, blood disorders, fertility, thyroid disorders, such as Hashimoto Disease, herpes, chronic fatigue and has documented more case studies in her book, Focus for Direction- How to Self Heal and Find Your Own Answers.

Katrina uses her unique intuitive abilities to guide, heal, focus and help the world find stability. Many come to her to find inner strength, direction and leave with everyday strategies to manifest peace, harmony and balance. 

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Katrina has a holistic approach to helping people with medical, psychological and emotional problems. Katrina has guided, healed and supported over five thousand clients, taught around the world and  her passion is to teach and show others how they can find strategies to change.  Katrina has been working as a leading a medical intuitive and psychic clairvoyant internationally for over 20 years. Her intuitive abilities also involve being able to X-ray vision inside a body, which helps the client  access the bodies natural healing powers.


Are you ready to make positive changes in your life and trust your own intuitive messages to create a meaningful life?   Find a deep connection within by simply making the decision to change.

Katrina is offering a one hour WEBCAST "Direction Technique Chakra Cleanse with Three Quick Breaths meditation" Sunday 22nd October, 2017
Anyone can listen in 


Knowledge for the World


Autism has its own language. The autistic child may want the parent or educator to learn their language, which is language of thought and special awareness. This language may not be the same as the parents’ language. The Direction Technique introduces a new way of communicating for the parent to learn the child’s language, which is the autistic language. 

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Radio Interview

During this episode, Katrina will use all her higher gifts (spiritual healer, speaker, clairvoyant) to increase the use of listeners own intuitive powers. Her ability to work with energy helps callers: • Identify and remove blocked energy and regain stability. • Use energy wisely to attract positive energy into our lives. • Full awareness of how the healings have helped their body, mind and soul. • Replace Mental Clutter is with Clarity and Direction. • Personalized Channeled Messages




Nerve Pain Relief + Ancient Traditional Medicine

In physics, a hologram is a three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a coherent light source, and holography is the study or production of holograms. Shamanic thinking incorporates many holographic concepts. The Hawaiian kahunas, believe that everything in the universe is infinitely interconnected and that this interconnectivity can be thought of as a giant web. In other words, the universe is itself a kind of giant hologram.

This is a story of  hope and faith and how integrating effective alternative therapies at the right time fastens the healing process instantly instead of taking years
Nerve Pain Relief + Two Inuit Ancient Traditional Healers

Untangling Twisted Nerves Behind the Scapula

"I had been experiencing an unexplained back and abdomen injury for 2 months before I went to see Katrina for a healing. I had tried a doctor (had X-rays), chiropractic, physio, and kinesiology, and although these practitioners were good, there was not much change in the injury
"I had been experiencing an unexplained back and abdomen injury for 2 months before I went to see Katrina for a healing. I had tried a doctor (had X-rays), chiropractic, physio, and kinesiology, and although these practitioners were good, there was not much change in the injury. At that stage I was only able to be upright for about 3-4 hrs a day, and I had lost all hope and felt totally overwhelmed. When I went to see Katrina, she did an intuitive body scan and found a pinched nerve in my shoulder, within the first 10 mins of the session. Katrina then did a shamanic healing, an ancient way to heal with energy on this, and some of the pain eased immediately. We then worked on the emotional issues surrounding the injury, and the beliefs that I held, which were hindering my body from healing.
After my session, I felt lighter and everything actually looked brighter. The distress had gone, I felt hope again, and hopeful for my future, and I was able to be upright again, for which I am very grateful."
Anita Gadenne

Brain Cancer in Child

Thank you so much for your prayers and support since one year ago. Last Friday, Greg’s checked up with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). You know what? The doctor said that there is no more tumour in Greg’s brain. It’s a miracle. I knew that would happen someday because every day, morning and night, Greg always does what you ask, colours the brain with the rainbow. All the doctors are very happy and still can’t believe what they see. One doctor even says that the brain tumour can’t really clean/gone. I don’t believe that. And it’s true: God healed Greg. I’m so blessed. It’s a blessing for our family. Once again, thank you so much.

Hugs and kisses from Gregory (nine years old).
Adriana Maria, Gregory’s mum

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Eye Cancer in Baby; Smoking Addictions;  Fertility/Miscarriage; Panic Attacks, Virus