Holistic Therapy for
peace, wellness and prosperity

Katrina Jean Taylor
Medical Intuitive
Founder of Direction Technique Energy Healing

Find Peace, Direction, Clarity, Harmony &  Balance
in Everyday Life


Katrina Jean Taylor is a medical intuitive energy healer,  author and international speaker. Share in Katrina's knowledge of ancient energy healing, medical intuitive body anatomy, animal communication, and her experience as a healer over 30 years.  Her new energy healing method, Direction Technique uses three quick breaths to release blockages of energy within the body to bring about changes in the body across six levels -cellular, physical, emotional, mental, behavioural and spiritual. 

Katrina uses a holistic approach and supports the healing process for illness, such as anxiety, diabetes, addictions, back pain, brain cancer, leukaemia, eye cancer, cervical cancer, blood disorders, fertility, thyroid disorders, such as Hashimoto Disease, herpes, chronic fatigue and has documented more case studies in her book, Focus for Direction- How to Self Heal and Find Your Own Answers.

Katrina uses her unique intuitive abilities to guide, heal, focus, find direction and leave with everyday strategies to manifest peace, harmony and balance. 


Katrina has a holistic approach to helping people with medical, psychological, emotional and spiritual awareness. Her passion is to help people self heal and relieve stress. Katrina has guided, healed and supported over five thousand clients, taught around the world and her passion is to help people heal, find direction and give strategies to change. Katrina has been working as a leading Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer internationally for over 30 years. 

By following step by step instructions, you'll learn how to develop your own intuition so you can self heal and be your own medical intuitive.  Awaken your deep spirituality and gain knowledge of how the ancient healers use energy to heal. Includes a 75 min Medical Intuitive Consultation designed to enrich your spiritual life, enhance your sense of well being.

Sound Meditations to Lift Your Energy & Stress

These Direction Technique, “Threequickbreaths”,  Dolphin, Whale & Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations are different to other meditations because listening to the sounds of dolphins’, calms you and energises at the same time, while listening to the sounds of the whales and dolphins.


  • Cancer

  • Grief

  • Thyroid disorders

  • Fertility

  • Skin disorders

  • Strengthen Your Immune system

  • Be One Step Ahead of Viruses

  • Nervous Conditions

  • Stomach Disorders

  • Whole Brain Function

  • Mental Health

  • Fertility

  • POCS

Self care

  • Anxiety & Phobias

  • Relationship & Communication Issues

  • Pain Management

  • Mood Disorders

  • Coping Mechanisms

  • Stress Management

  • Self Esteem & Confidence

  • Personal Development & Performance Enhancement

  • Pregnancy & Childbirth

  • Parenting

  • Work Place Harmony

  • Bullying

  • Educational Needs: Dyslexia

Direction & everyday Strategies

  • Create a Positive Future

  • Everyday Strategies for Health & Wellbeing

  • Lesson Confusion

  • Bring Clarity into Your Daily Life

  • Make Better Decisions

Traditional Healing

  • Energy Cleanse

  • Focussed Heat Therapy

  • Change Negative Thinking