Who Is Katrina Jean Taylor

Katrina Jean Taylor is the founder of the Direction Technique™ and is an internationally renowned teacher, speaker and healer. She is a leading medical intuitive who is at the forefront of energy healing for the world with her breakthrough healing method, Direction Technique™. She has the ability to see intuitively into the body and find the origins of a problem, ranging from a medical illness to one that is emotional, mental, or physical. Her work focuses on supporting the intuitive guidance and the body’s self-healing capacity to be healed.

She specializes in assisting people in understanding the emotional, psychological, and physical reasons why their bodies have developed an illness. The Direction Technique™ is an effective tool to find the origins of any problem, thereby allowing the body to heal. Direction Technique™ is a simple way to achieve success in reaching your dreams.

Katrina is also an ancient traditional healer, dolphin whisperer, shaman, seer, life coach, business advisor, consultant, clairvoyant and angel healer. Her passion is helping people alleviate pain, as well as helping with the passing over process, and with messages from those who have passed.

She holds a Bachelor of Education in English as a Second Language, a Bachelor of Education in Statistics, a Diploma in Teaching, Diploma in Teacher Librarianship and is now an author of stories of inspiration and hope which you will find in her new book, Focus for Direction-How to Self Heal and Find Your Own Answers. She writes and implements workshops internationally for people to learn the Direction Technique™.

Her journey started after her mother died of ovarian cancer at the age of fifty-four. Her grandmother died of breast cancer at the age of twenty-eight. She did not want to repeat the genetic disease of cancer in her family line. At an early age, she experienced sensations of tingling feelings in her skin when guided to hear God. She went to a Buddhist meditation camp at sixteen, attended Sunday schoolthroughout her primary years, and sought help with ancient healers from many lands. Katrina then began the journey to heal herself from grief after losing her mother at a young age. Her experience over many years has given her the ability to teach others to heal themselves and hear inner knowledge.

She has developed a simple way to change your life. The Direction Technique™ helps people find direction in their lives. The key to success is to train the mind to be clear and release energy blocks within the body in order to create a better future.

The Direction Technique™ helps you train your instincts, such as hearing, gut, smell, sight, taste, foresight, knowing, colours, sounds, and most importantly, training how to trust yourself without doubting your inner voice.

Katrina has been working with adolescent children for over thirty years. She has implemented many programs to enhance the qualityof education for both teachers and students. Her experience has given her the knowledge and compassion for needs of children, parents, and individuals.

Katrina has clients in New Zealand, China, U.S.A., Japan, Indonesia including Jakarta, Bandung and Bali, Thailand, Scotland, Africa, Netherlands, Phillipines, Ireland, Switzerland, Australia, Spain, and teaches internationally.

Katrina’s passion is to pursue her life’s mission of disseminating the knowledge and power of teaching the Direction Technique™ to help others self heal using their own intuition


Katrina Jean Taylor is an international spiritual healer, speaker, clairvoyant and teacher who can teach you to use your own intuitive power. Her ability to work with energy helps you identify and remove blocked energy in your life so you can move forward with stability. If you use energy wisely, then you attract positive energy into your life. During and after your healing, you are fully aware of how the healings have helped your body, mind and soul. Mental clutter is replaced with clarity and direction. You will receive personalized channeled messages, which will be effective and focused strategies to help you feel peace, find resolutions and happiness.

To use your intuitive energy wisely is to look within for answers, then you can change your perceptions to bring peace into your life. You will be taught how to use your own intuition to heal yourself and so you can take action to change immediately instead of years.