Direction Technique  - Taking Control of Your Life

Direction TechniqueTM is a healing technique that involves using your own intuitive energy to self-heal. This breakthrough method of energy healing is effective, direct, and focused. This new Direction Technique uses intuitive energy to bring about changes in the body across six levels: cellular, physical, emotional, mental, behavioural, and spiritual.

It works on the endocrine system and stimulates vibrations within the body to produce the production of enzymes, hormones, and saliva, as well as activate energy. As founder of the Direction Technique, my aim is to share this knowledge so that you can retrain new neural pathways in the brain to change the molecular structure in the cells for healing. Training the endocrine system to use the brain creates vibrations in the glands so that the body can feel balanced.

Taking control of your life by training your instincts and using your intuitive energy helps you to:

  • Find direction in life

  • Improve physical, mental, and spiritual health

  • Make decisions in critical times

    Using the Direction TechniqueTM helps you to refine energy so that you can:

  • Speak with wisdom at the right time

  • Create abundance of energy

  • Find and heal the origin of a problem using the Universal

    Library to heal the past, present, and future

  • Use your intuitive energy to self-heal all aspects of your life,

    from illness to abundance

  • Show the next generation a healing technique to self-heal

  • Trust that you can lead your own life

  • Maintain your health

    The Direction Technique works on the endocrine system to stimulate hormones to take action and to change. This technique uses three quick breaths while imagining a figure eight within your thyroid. It aids in bringing inner peace in finding answers for change. Breathing into the thyroid helps stimulate the thyroid’s production of hormones and transports oxygen to the body and certain parts of the body that have stuck energy pockets. The essence of the Direction TechniqueTM is an endocrine system enhancement healing process through viewing the colour red in the thyroid.

    There is a clear distinction between a meditation breath and an action breath. The Direction Technique uses the action breath to stimulate the thyroid, pineal, pituitary, thymus, pancreas, adrenals and sexual glands so they can vibrate and allow oxygen to all parts of the body. This helps to release stuck energy pockets in the body.

Learning the Direction Technique allows you to train your inner wisdom, develop your instincts to act, make better decisions, and learn to hear wisdom to heal yourself. Learn to be wise and open to all forms of healing including advice from those in the medical field that have knowledge about the body, so that you can heal and change a situation, health problem, decision, and family relationships.

The Direction Technique teaches people to believe in themselves.