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Monthly Medical Intuitive Energy Healing

This unique Medical Intuitive workshop delivered by an international medical intuitive teacher, speaker and author will empower you to be your own medical intuitive, finding the root cause of a physical illness, emotional or spiritual issue. 

Join me at this life-changing workshop and experience a new method to self-heal, listen to the harmonic pitch of the singing bowls. while directing the healing sounds specifically to your thyroid gland.  You will come away with the ability to use your intuition to heal relationships, forgiveness and have the clarity to know what actions to take to move forward in your life to make the changes to ease anxiety, stress self-esteem and access feelings of calmness

Be Aware of the Signs that Help you Change

  • An introduction to Medical Intuition
  • Are you really taking action to notice what the universe is sending you?
  • Intuitively listen to messages your body is telling you
  • Medical Intuitive demonstration
  • Take control of your own natural healing powers. 
  • Move forward and focus on what to change
  • Direct energy with focused intentions
  • Find peace, direction, and strategies to move forward in your life.
  • Mindful meditation
  • Crystal singing bowls sound healing meditation while guiding you to balance your 7 glands, find blocked energy in your body, allowing you to focus on your thyroid to intuitively remote view inside your body.
  • Discover the healing power of your thyroid gland
  • Learn 3 quick breaths that help you be your own medical intuitive
  • Listen to the intensity created  by the healing sounds of the crystal bowls
  • Bring peace and harmony to your life and the world around you.
  • Continued intuitive support with support given for a whole month to learn the Direction Technique to find your own wisdom

    TIME:  7pm - 9:00pm

Location: Woodlands

Registration: 6.45pm

DATE: Wed May 2nd, 2018

PRICE: $50

SPECIAL OFFER for May: Includes a 20 minute personal time with Katrina. 1:1 Questions and help to learn how to use the Direction Technique to find your own wisdom.

VALUE: $375