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A 4 Week Medical Intuitive Training Interactive On-Line Course

Medical Intuitive Interactive On-Line Training: Level 1
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Train your intuitive to be your own medical intuitive and create energy in your 7 Glands. This workshop is designed for individuals to gain confidence in trusting and enhancing all your intuitive senses. Recharge your body and reduce feelings of fatigue. A learning module to gain confidence as a Medical Intuitive.



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Medical Intuitive Training
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Katrina Jean Taylor is a Medical Intuitive Energy healer that is an internationally renowned teacher, speaker, and author and is the founder of the Direction Technique (TM), a breakthrough energy healing method. She is a medical intuitive who is at the forefront of energy healing for the world.

What Can Katrina Jean Taylor’s  Course Do for You

This training is the perfect balance of western medicine and developing your intuition to help people eliminate stress, overcome fear, eliminate pain, remove trauma from the body, and more. Being your own medical intuitive taps into your own powerful intuitive senses to calm the nervous system, releases blockages in the meridian points in your body and brings positive energy flowing within your body & mind. Let go of unnecessary negative thoughts and find time to get back to your inner self and believe you can self-heal.

Medical Intuitive training teaches you how to be your own medical intuitive using a simple tool, the Direction Technique. You will be able to remote view, (X-ray Vision) inside your body, specifically your thyroid gland. By doing this, you create focused intentions to self - heal, vibrate energy into your thyroid gland, as well, train your ability to listen to your body and inner voice to wake up your own intelligence to empower yourself to heal, take control of your life and hear your own inner wisdom.

Katrina is offering her life-changing medical intuitive on-line training. By choosing to develop your skills as a medical intuitive, you will find deep inner peace, happiness, meditation, whole brain interaction and release the power of your intuition. The happier you are, lessen anger, stress, addictions, depression and unnecessary worry,  the more positive your mindset become.

The Direction Technique, Three Quick Breaths", helps tap into your own endocrine system, specifically the pineal, pituitary, adrenal, pancreas, thymus, reproductive, thyroid glands and vibrates energy into your body and stimulates hormones for your body to feel balanced. 

Specifically designed for individuals who want to enhance their intuitive abilities for healing using the Direction Technique™.

This simple system can be used in any situation and in alignment with the medical field and other modalities. Katrina's invites you to train your intuition and enhance your intuitive abilities by using your mind, endocrine system and glands. Doing the visualisations, daily neuron affirmation training diary, joining the zoom conferences, watching her videos and self-heal using the Direction Technique now, you’ll see just how important training your intuitive senses can be in bringing to life what you really want!

This training has everything you need to heal, change habits, clean your energy, and focuses on what you want to create in your life. You will feel a deep sense of peace. 
By using what Katrina has developed as the founder of the Direction Technique, you’ll uncover the secret to hear your own inner intuitive messages, understand what you want in your life and experience joy and peace for yourself and your family can heal with you.


  • To be confident to use the skills as a medical intuitive and the Direction Technique™

  • To be strong and stable within yourself and in a group

  • X-ray . vision and energy heal the pineal, pituitary, thymus, pancreas, thyroid, reproductive and adrenal glands

  • Use energy for healing

  • To encourage individuals to heal and find their own wisdom and answers

  • To build confidence in hearing and listening

  • To build confidence within yourself

  • To develop strategies to self heal, family & animals

  • Find your own answers and vibrate energy into seven glands.


  • Confidence in using your intuition to energy heal as a medical intuitive

  • Balance the pineal gland and improve decision making

  • Improve your confidence to use Medical Intuitive skills for healing

  • Boost your immune system by balancing your thymus gland, learn to feel free and remove any sabotage in your life.

  • Speak your truth, medical intuitive scan and use energy to heal the thyroid gland

  • Bring positive energy and activate the energy in your thyroid gland

  • Find clarity using The Direction Technique™

  • Trust intuitive listening

  • Trust your ability to use energy to heal

  • Understand how energy and grief affects the cells in the within a body

  • Relieve stress, exhaustion, fatigue by balancing and harmonising the adrenal glands

  • Change thoughts of defeat, medical intuit the pancreas gland and explore the energy of diabetes

  • Prepare, plan, organise and create energy within the pituitary gland. Be guided to be in the right place at the right time and train foresight

  • Understand how energy affects the outside of bodies

  • Change beliefs that no longer serve you

  • Refine the Direction Technique visualisation

  • Find the root cause of illness, emotional, physical or spiritual issues and use the Direction Technique™ for helping, wisdom, direction and strategies to move forward

  • Trust and develop your intuitive senses and receive reliable intuitive guidance

  • Trust your inner voice to find your own answers.

  • Balance 7 glands within the body for optimum health.

  • Develop medical intuitive skills for your physical, emotional, mental health.

  • Learn the energy systems within your body's anatomy

  • Intuitively listen and communicate to the anatomy of the body

  • Prevention of medical, emotional & mental health illnesses

  • Step by step guide to support healing the origins of an emotional, physical or mental issue

  • Change feelings of fatigue, stress & exhaustion by activating energy in your adrenal glands

  • Learn 3 breaths to heal stuck energy inside your body

  • Guided meditation to balance your 7 glands finds inner guidance, helps your brain to reduce stress, calm the nervous system and bring positive energy flowing within your body & mind.

  • Practice the art of visualization & teleportation skills to prepare you to be your own medical intuitive

  • Strengthen your endocrine system through the 7 glands

  • Take beliefs that are not right for you and re-write them.

  • Learn the foundations of the Direction Technique, an effective, focused system to help you empower your thoughts, feel stable and be your own intuitive medical intuitive for faster healing

  • Change the fear of recreating a condition when it heals

  • Enhance brainwave patterns for mental, physical and mental health

  • Synchronise the left and right side of the brain which results in whole brain thinking

  • Enjoy life & gain strength within.

  • Retrain your mind to observe situations, rather than react to situations.

  • Self-heal using your own intuitive energy

  • Create positive energy to heal your body

  • Find direction and happiness to fulfil your soul's destiny

  • Find strategies to remain calm and learn not to react

  • Change thoughts of depression and anxiety

  • Hear your own intuitive inner voice to gain knowledge to know what direction to take to move forward in your life with positive thinking.

  • Develop strategies and direction to make changes in your life

  • Learn the foundations of the Direction Technique system to find strategies, direction and focus to change a situation in life that is affecting your happiness, health and everyday life.

  • Discussion and energy healing for Hashimoto disease, Graves disease, Influenza, Adrenal Fatigue, Chronic Fatigue and more


5 Week Training includes 1 private medical intuitive Energy Healing with Katrina Jean Taylor

  • 10 - Videos uploaded on website each week, specifically tailored for the 7 glands with Founder of Direction Technique and author Katrina Jean Taylor

  • 1 - private Medical Intuitive Energy Healing with Katrina

  • 5 - weekly one hour live interactive question and answer time with Katrina Jean Taylor

  • 5 - week training

  • 24 - videos to enhance your learning

  • 5 - weekly medical intuitive workbooks

  • Affirmations for moving forward

  • weekly medical intuitive demonstrations

  • Specifically designed for practising and advancing your medical intuitive skills

  • On-line training for support


After the course enjoy practising the Direction Technique on friends, yourself, work environments, animals and family to gain confidence to utilise the new breakthrough energy healing method, 'The Direction Technique". These changes will ripple through your family and genetic line. 

You will feel empowered, rewire neurones in your brain to teach yourself to heal yourself. You can be your own miracle worker in all parts of your life. Find ways to help improve illnesses, phobias, anxiety, and free yourself from any negative energy holding you back. You will be able to know what to change and make those changes immediately instead of taking years. Find strategies to take action to move forward at the right time. This course concentrates on teaching you to hear wisdom and channel with clarity. Once you learn the Direction Technique, you will forever have a focused system to help you in life.

  • Options to join monthly Zoom medical intuitive conferences

  • Medical Intuitive Face-book group

  • Join the Medical Intuitive Professional package to use in your own healing practices or become a Medical Intuitive Direction Technique Certified Practitioner.

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