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Radio Interview: Direction Technique - "The 7 Glands Healing with Shaman Down Under"

Radio Interview
Aug 9 Radio SHOWTIME: 8 am ET United States /8pm Western Australia
CALL IN; (805) 830-8344

Direction Technique - "The 7 Gland Healing with Shaman Down Under" 

Charlotte View Quantum Radio Network proudly presents "The Direction Technique™. The 7 Glands Healing" with Shaman Down Under, @Trina Jean Taylor (She who Swims with the Dolphin).

Katrina Jean Taylor is the founder of the Direction Technique™ and is an internationally renowned teacher, speaker and healer. She is a leading medical intuitive who is at the forefront of energy healing for the world with her breakthrough healing method, Direction Technique™. She has the ability to see intuitively into the body and find the origins of a problem (medical illness, emotional, mental, or physical). Her work focuses on supporting the intuitive guidance and the body’s self-healing capacity to be healed. 

During this episode, Katrina will use all her higher gifts (spiritual healer, speaker, clairvoyant) to increase the use of listeners own intuitive powers. Her ability to work with energy helps callers: • Identify and remove blocked energy and regain stability. • Use energy wisely to attract positive energy into our lives. • Full awareness of how the healing have helped their body, mind and soul. • Replace Mental Clutter is with Clarity and Direction. • Personalized Channeled Messages

To use your intuitive energy wisely is to look within for answers, then you can change your perceptions to bring peace into your life. You will be taught how to use your own intuition to heal yourself and so you can take action to change immediately instead of years. 

Katrina "She who Swims with Dolphins" explains that a heart connection develops when swimming with the dolphins, real or in meditation. It can bring a sense of calmness, strength, relief of tension, and raise ancient intuitive skills and develop whole brain learning.

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