Stopping Smoking

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Eye Cancer in Baby Testimonial

Charlie is free from chemotherapy medicine. We only do Laser Indirect Ophthalmoscope (LIO) or Transpupillary Thermotherapy (TTT) laser. Starting this month, we will try to prolong it and do the surgery every one and a half months. Praise the Lord that there is no new tumour. The existing one is calm and almost flat. One lesion is a bit stubborn, but in next month’s surgery, the retina specialist will discuss the best solution for this lesion. We hope and pray that the lesion will be dead soon without any consequences on the eyesight, and we welcome and would be grateful if you would also send cleansing energy to his eyes from afar. Since Charlie is free of chemotherapy, and received his complete immunization.

As for his growth, again and again we are grateful for his healthy growth and development. He is now nineteen months old, weighs 11.5 kilograms, and is eighty-four centimetres tall. He is running and saying a few words already, a very happy kid, joyful in life.

We will always keep you updated on his progress, and we welcome you if you have any further advice. We are so lucky that we have a doctor that really took care, with lots of attention and love, and that we have had the opportunity of being introduced to you during Charlie’s journey.

Irma and Family, Indonesia

Panic Attacks

I first met Katrina over six years ago when I was suffering from panic attacks and was in need of some healing. I then went on to learn the Direction TechniqueTM from Katrina and have now completed many of her courses. Each course has taught me a new healing skill, which has given me the ability to heal. I have come to realize the great depth of Katrina’s knowledge and skill as a healer. What I love about the Direction TechniqueTM is that it is a self -healing technique. I am so grateful to have such a valuable tool in this life and to have learnt it from such an amazing teacher. Through practicing the Direction TechniqueTM I now have a greater understanding of myself on a soul level. Katrina has helped me find confidence in myself, trust in my decision-making abilities and have clarity about my future direction. As someone who was once often fearful to leave the house, I have learnt to have fun & enjoy myself again. For this I give Katrina the biggest thank you from my heart.

Nicole Sheppard, Direction TechniqueTM Practitioner



Nerve Pain Relief + Ancient Traditional Medicine

In physics, a hologram is a three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a coherent light source, and holography is the study or production of holograms. Shamanic thinking incorporates many holographic concepts. The Hawaiian kahunas, believe that everything in the universe is infinitely interconnected and that this interconnectivity can be thought of as a giant web. In other words, the universe is itself a kind of giant hologram.

This is a story of  hope and faith and how integrating effective alternative therapies at the right time fastens the healing process instantly instead of taking years
Nerve Pain Relief + Two Inuit Ancient Traditional Healers

Untangling Twisted Nerves Behind the Scapula

"I had been experiencing an unexplained back and abdomen injury for 2 months before I went to see Katrina for a healing. I had tried a doctor (had X-rays), chiropractic, physio, and kinesiology, and although these practitioners were good, there was not much change in the injury
"I had been experiencing an unexplained back and abdomen injury for 2 months before I went to see Katrina for a healing. I had tried a doctor (had X-rays), chiropractic, physio, and kinesiology, and although these practitioners were good, there was not much change in the injury. At that stage I was only able to be upright for about 3-4 hrs a day, and I had lost all hope and felt totally overwhelmed. When I went to see Katrina, she did an intuitive body scan and found a pinched nerve in my shoulder, within the first 10 mins of the session. Katrina then did a shamanic healing, an ancient way to heal with energy on this, and some of the pain eased immediately. We then worked on the emotional issues surrounding the injury, and the beliefs that I held, which were hindering my body from healing.
After my session, I felt lighter and everything actually looked brighter. The distress had gone, I felt hope again, and hopeful for my future, and I was able to be upright again, for which I am very grateful."
Anita Gadenne

Fertility/Miscarriage Testimonial

At three months pregnant, I miscarried and lost our baby. The grief that followed was nearly too much. I cried for days, weeks, months. We tried to get pregnant every month, but nothing happened. Then we had a miracle in the form of a magical lady called Katrina Jean Taylor, who is a medical intuitive. She told me that my husband’s pH level was low and for him to eat oranges. He ate them, and we were pregnant within the month! We went on to have our beautiful girl, Mia, who is now three years old. Katrina released trauma and grief and created the miracle of new life, joy, and immense gratitude in our lives. From our hearts to yours, Katrina, and with our deepest gratitude.

Jacqui Easton, Mother


I want to say how grateful and thankful I am for meeting you. Before getting sick three years ago by a nasty virus and flu, I was a triathlete, surfer, surf-lifesaver and runner. After being to many doctors, naturopaths and healers, I just found nobody could help me. They would load me up with medication, vitamins and told me to rest, which only helped short term. The past three years was a real struggle for me as I was constantly sick, run down and spending thousands of dollars to find something or someone that could help. I was lucky to have found you. In January this year, I had also just started my own business in finance and needed my health to be one hundred per cent to be able to manage my workload. After only three months, I feel mentally and physically strong again, have my energy back, started going to the gym and increased my exercises. The viruses have gone and I’m not dragged down by the sickness that had kept me stuck for the past three years. My business is starting to run successfully and already I’m achieving above and beyond my targets that I had set with my sales coach. Every session that I have had with you, I walk away clearer, vibrant and energetic with clarity in both my personal and professional life. Even though it has only been 3 months, I feel like a new person. My friends and family have noticed that I have vibrancy about me and I have not had this in years. You are a very special, gifted and genuine person who shows compassion, understanding and straightaway makes people feel at ease and safe. Thank you for everything Trina.

S.C., Finance Consultant