Body Anatomy Series: Endocrine System Aligning Your Glands

Developing Medical Intuitive Skills for Your Physical Health

  • Strengthen Your Endocrine System Through the 7 Glands
  • Trust How to Remote View to Enhance Medical Intuitive skills
  • Activate the Potential of Your DNA
  • Visualisation Activity: How to Use Direction Technique to Remote View within a Body
  • Affirmations for Intuition
  • Volcano Energy
  • Pineal Gland: Enhance Psychic Energy
  • Affirmation for Psychic Abilities
  • Affirmations for Pineal Gland Wisdom
  • Discussion: Holographic Model and Multidemsional healing
  • Key For a Successful Healing
  •  Discover when and how to find the right origin to heal using the Direction Technique

  • Learn critical times in a session to stop intuiting questions

  •  Develop your intuitive hearing to formulate the right question

  • Connect the nervous system to align regrowth to formulate change for the initial wound in the body

  • Discover how to scan a body using hearing, sight, smell and knowing instincts

  • Balance the 7 glands

  • Develop remote viewing skills

Body Anatomy Series-Aligning Your glands