Medical Intuitive Interactive Module 1-Throat Chakra

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Medical Intuitive Interactive Module 1-Throat Chakra


Balance the 7 Chakras and Be Your Own Medical
Each chakra is positioned close to 7 glands in the body. These 7 glands, which are part of the endocrine system within the body are close to each of the chakras. Working on the endocrine system, stimulating vibrations within the body to produce saliva, activates the body to produce the production of enzymes and hormones. Both systems if working in harmony, can allow the natural healing abilities of cells to vibrate circles of energy that harmonise the body to work in harmony. The aim is to retrain neuronal pathways in the brain to change the molecular structure in the cells for healing at all levels

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Balance the 7 Chakras and Be Your Own Medical Intuitive
Interactive Online Class
Module 1

 Join me for my ‘Medical Intuitive Interactive Online Accredited Course’. You will gain the following:

🙏 Learn refined and practised techniques to master healing yourself.

🙏Enhance your confidence to speak your truth

🙏 1 × 45 minute private online interactive consultation

🙏 1 private audio for added support for your own private questions about the course and your learning

🙏 Receive mindfulness Active Meditation audio ‘Crystal Bowl Mindfulness Meditation to Balance 7 Chakras’.

🙏 6 Private video tutorials.

🙏 9 Exercises to train your intuitive senses

🙏 Medical Intuitive Demonstration

🙏 Workbook

🙏 Receive an accredited certificate after completed 6 modules

Train your intuitive abilities to learn to heal yourself