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Change Hardship in Your Life & Be Your Own Medical Intuitive
The thymus gland vibrates at a stronger intensity when there is hardship in one’s life. It is the key to boosting the immune system for the future. Placing energy in the thymus, creates new connections in the brain which can have a direct impact on the rest of the body, in particular for chemical imbalances, behavioural disorders and illness. The Direction Technique helps co-ordinate the thought processes between the thymus and the brain to create new patterns of thought. Once you have new thought processes in the brain and thymus, then you can have more positive outcomes in your life”
Katrina Jean Taylor: Focus for Direction: How to Self-Heal and Find Your Own Answers Page 92

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Change Hardship In Your Life & Be Your Own Medical Intuitive

Balance Your Body & Heals Your Thymus and Adrenal Glands.

 Join me for my ‘Medical Intuitive Interactive Online Accredited Course, which includes a Private Medical Intuitive Consultation’. You will gain the following:

🙏 Learn refined and practised techniques to master healing yourself.

🙏Enhance your intuitive senses to adapt, reduce fatigue, stress & exhaustion

🙏 1 × 75 minute private online interactive consultation in person or by Skype, phone, whats ap

🙏5 Private video tutorials.

🙏Exercises to train your intuitive senses

🙏Activities for self healing

🙏 Medical Intuitive Demonstration

🙏 Workbook

🙏 Receive an accredited certificate after completing Medical Intuitive Modules

🙏 Receive an a private audio after viewing the lessons

Train your intuitive abilities to learn to heal yourself