Feel Confident & Believe in Yourself


Feel Confident & Believe in Yourself


Balance the 7 Glands and Be Your Own Medical
All of the glands have psychic energy and when you activate your psychic energy your life changes. The Direction Technique teaches you how to be psychic in every gland. It shows you how each gland helps a particular part of the body and ultimately they all work together for optimal health

Developing your psychic intuition within your glands helps you to be in the right place at the right time, increase your ability to make clear decisions and heighten your intuitive senses. For example, things come into your life that you have always wanted which help to bringyour dreams into reality. You finally can take action and bring greaterthings in your life. You create more of what you want and less of what you don’t want. You will be able to enjoy life with optimal health”
Katrina Jean Taylor: Focus for Direction: How to Self-Heal and Find Your Own Answers Page 104

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Balance the 7 Glands and Be Your Own Medical Intuitive
Reproductive Gland

Join me for my ‘Medical Intuitive Interactive Online Accredited Course’. You will gain the following:

🙏 Learn refined and practised techniques to master healing yourself.

🙏Enhance your confidence to be confident in yourself

🙏 1 × 45 minute private online interactive consultation

🙏 Included in private conclusion, medical intuitive coaching. Prepare your questions.

🙏 Receive mindfulness Active Meditation audio ‘Mindfulness Meditation to Balance 7 Chakras’.

🙏 3 Private video tutorials.

🙏 6 Exercises to train your intuitive senses

🙏 Medical Intuitive Demonstration

🙏 Workbook

🙏 Receive an accredited certificate after completed modules

Train your intuitive abilities to learn to heal yourself