Balance Your Pituitary land

Third Eye: MOdule 6.png
Third Eye: MOdule 6.png

Balance Your Pituitary land


Balance the 7 Chakras and Be Your Own Medical
“Vibrating energy in the pituitary gland strengthens accurate foresightskills so you can use them in everyday life. Foresight is the ability to see your future and be in the right place at the right time. Direction Technique is a tool to activate your own intuitive answers.

Intuition is always talking to you. Foresight is like turning up the volume button, when you want to hear the intuitive messages, everyday within you. My job is to help people to hear their own intuitive answers within your body. When you unblock the pituitarygland, you release more of your own psychic energy that has been withyou throughout many lifetimes. When the pituitary gland and the thyroid are working in harmony, foresight is developed which helps you to speak with truth, and say what you want and when you want.”
Katrina Jean Taylor: Focus for Direction: How to Self-Heal and Find Your Own Answers page 100

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Interactive Online Class - Pituitary Chakra
Balance the 7 Chakras and Be Your Own Medical Intuitive
Module 6

 Join me for my ‘Medical Intuitive Interactive Online Accredited Course’. You will gain the following:

🙏 Learn refined and practised techniques to master healing yourself.

🙏Enhance your confidence to be a seer

🙏 1 × 45 minute private online interactive consultation

🙏 1 private audio for added support for your own private questions about the course and your learning

🙏 Receive mindfulness Active Meditation audio ‘Free to Be Me Mindfulness Meditation to Balance 7 Chakras’.

🙏 5 Private video tutorials.

🙏 12 Exercises to train your intuitive senses

🙏 Medical Intuitive Demonstration

🙏 Workbook

🙏 Receive an accredited certificate after completed 6 modules

Train your intuitive abilities to learn to heal yourself