Balance Your Pineal Gland

Module 1 : Pineal Gland.png
Module 1 : Pineal Gland.png

Balance Your Pineal Gland


Balance the 7 Chakras and Be Your Own Medical
“Eliminating doubt can eliminate disease. Diseases are caused by imperfections in our cells, which, when originally generated, were formed to perfection. However, if the cells that surround the perfect cells have been exposed to negativity—feelings of anger, resentment, or jealously, for example—then by a process of osmosis, the perfectly formed cells take on that negativity and are rendered imperfect”
Katrina Jean Taylor: Focus for Direction: How to Self-Heal and Find Your Own Answers Page 85

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Medical Intuitive: Pineal Chakra
Balance the 7 Chakras and Be Your Own Medical Intuitive
Interactive Online Class
Module 2

 Join me for my ‘Medical Intuitive Interactive Online Accredited Course’. You will gain the following:

🙏 Learn refined and practised techniques to master healing yourself.

🙏 Enhance your intuitive sense of Knowing

🙏 1 × 45 minute private online interactive consultation

🙏 1 private audio for added support for your own private questions about the course and your learning

🙏 Receive mindfulness Active Meditation audio ‘Joy and Love: Living Lightly’to Balance 7 Chakras’.

🙏 4 Private video tutorials.

🙏 14 Exercises to train your intuitive senses

🙏 Medical Intuitive Demonstration

🙏 Workbook

🙏 Receive an accredited certificate after completed 6 modules

Train your intuitive abilities to learn to heal yourself