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to 15 Sep.


Join me for the Energy Healing the Natural Way (Medical Intuitive) workshop presented in beautiful Ubud, Bali. It is the perfect environment to free yourself and shift energy with ease. 

The Direction Technique is an effective method for shifting all forms of blocked energy. It alleviates pain, cleanses your mind, soul, aura & body, realigns your heart and brings balance back to your life as well as your body. You will be taught the ability to use ancient knowledge to balance the endocrine system, glands, hormones, nervous, structural, skeletal systems, reduce anxiety, depression, relieve stress,  improve self-esteem, dissolves grief. You will learn the difference between healthier anger and destructive anger, gain respect and trust back in your life, improves relationships, and so much more. 

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Energy Healing the Natural Way
to 8 Apr.

Energy Healing the Natural Way

520.00 680.00


Location: Woodlands

Registration: 8.30am

DATE: Sat-Sun, 7th-8th April 2018

PRICE: $750

Early bird: $680

Deposit: $300
Payment Plan available

VALUE: $1,800

Welcome to the upcoming Energy Healing the Natural Way, Level 1 workshop on the 7th-8th April 2018, presented by Katrina Jean Taylor, with special topics: 

  • Cleanse & feel-free
  • The power of intentions
  • The art of using fire to cleanse
  • Energy cleanse your home
  • Use of ancient traditional energy systems
  • Sacred eagle ceremony
  • The Direction Technique methodology, merging the ancient and the modern. Utilise 3 breaths to cleanse & purify your body
  • "Inca Ancient Healing" etheric energy cleanse. 
  • Learn to live lightly and find the light within
  • Understand different forms of dense, negative energy
  • Exercises in the art of seeing energy
  • Cultivate the art of visualisation.
  • Access ancient traditional focussed heat therapy  - relieve nervous conditions, thyroid problems and more with this ancient healing
  • Learn self-compassion
  • Focus on the healing power of intentions
  • Aboriginal Dream-Time
  • Energy Exchange for positivity
  • Empathy & Energy Shift the Shamanic Way
  • Learn to intuit your future
  • And more..............
    Energy Healing is an effective method for shifting all forms of blocked energy, alleviate pain, realign your heart, mind, and soul and bring balance back to your life as well as your body. You will be taught the ability to use shamanic tools to balance the endocrine system, glands, hormones, nervous, structural, skeletal systems, reduce anxiety, heal injuries, diseased bodies, and so much more.

One of the real benefits of this work is that we are accessing ancient traditional knowledge that has been used for centuries to develop our senses and psychic abilities. Your soul will be forever grateful for bringing a deep connection to your inner spirituality.

Energy Healing teaches us how to focus, and direct energy using the simple tool, The  Direction Technique, to access ancient traditional healing methods.


Today I have learnt to have compassion for myself and have gained so many skills to help me move forward. I feel like a different person than the one who walked through the door this morning! Energy Healing is a very powerful tool in attuning me to the wonderful potential of healing. The instructions from Trina were clearly given and guidelines and  intuitive knowledge was imparted with compassion, and Patience and Love
Thank you Trina XXX
Shona Brooks

This course is really amazing and powerful. You get to connect with your power animal. I learnt the Direction Technique Heat Healing and experience an ancient traditional ceremony. This course teaches you about compassion. I feel such a deep sense of peace after completing this course. Katrina teaches you to connect with the shamans in such a gentle way. It's truly amazing. Thank you so much
Nicole Sheppard

It was lovely to be in a group of like-minded people and compassionate people. It was amazing to be able to have my questions answered by the shamans. I felt very honoured to be in their presence. And thank you, Katrina, for facilitating this through your own beautiful self. I really got a lot out of this course.

Anita Gadenne

This workshop has shown me how easy it is to work with this realm of ancient healing in my everyday life. Katrina Jean Taylor is a remarkable woman who shares her gift of wisdom, compassion and foresight. Katrina continues to inspire me to continue my own self-healing journey. Using these new techniques of heat healing, I can now be more compassionate with myself and use this heat to heal my body. It has brought me peace and stability using the Direction Technique to meet my shaman which I am connected with and heal my body
Joyce Pereira-Hellmuth


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Monthly Medical Intuitive Healing
7:00 pm19:00

Monthly Medical Intuitive Healing

This unique Medical Intuitive workshop delivered by an international medical intuitive teacher, speaker and author will empower you to be your own medical intuitive, finding the root cause of a physical illness, emotional or spiritual issue. 

Join me at this life-changing workshop and experience a new method to self-heal, listen to the harmonic pitch of the singing bowls. while directing the healing sounds specifically to your thyroid gland.  You will come away with the ability to use your intuition to heal relationships, forgiveness and have the clarity to know what actions to take to move forward in your life to make the changes to ease anxiety, stress self-esteem and access feelings of calmness


  • An introduction to Medical Intuition
  • Heal relationships
  • Learn to forgive others and yourself
  • Intuitively listen to messages your body is telling you
  • Take control of your own natural healing powers. 
  • Move forward and focus on what to change
  • Direct energy with focused intentions
  • Find peace, direction, and strategies to move forward in your life.
  • Mindful meditation
  • Crystal singing bowls sound healing meditation while guiding you to balance your 7 glands, find blocked energy in your body, allowing you to focus on your thyroid to intuitively remote view inside your body.
  • Discover the healing power of your thyroid gland
  • Learn 3 quick breaths that help you be your own medical intuitive
  • Listen to the intensity created  by the healing sounds of the crystal bowls
  • Bring peace and harmony to your life and the world around you.

    TIME:  7.00pm - 9:00pm

Location: Woodlands

Registration: 6:45pm

DATE: Wednesday, 7th March 2018

PRICE: $50 includes a 1-1 personal consultation with Katrina

VALUE: $450

This special March Monthly Medical Intuitive Healing will also include a 1 - 1  private consultation with Katrina. You will be given simple steps to find where you are holding tension and stress in your body and relieve these symptoms for your future.

Have you wondered what it would be like to access your ability to use quantum energy to bring about changes in your body across six levels-cellular, emotional, mental, behavioural, and spiritual? By following Katrina's step by step instructions, you'll learn how to develop your own intuition so you can heal yourself and receive your own answers to life's questions.

Bring a rug & pillows for your meditation.
Book early as private consultations are limited
Katrina will allocate time to do a medical intuitive body anatomy assessment.


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Boost Your Immune System with 3 Easy Steps
12:30 pm12:30

Boost Your Immune System with 3 Easy Steps

Perth, Western Australia
There are new ways to retrain the virus and regain strength
A new technique of treating viruses through a breakthrough energy healing, “Direction Technique” founded by Katrina Jean Taylor. The first step is to understand that a person’s thought patterns affects the body’s immune system. Viruses such as influenza, shingles, chicken pox and herpes have sounds in the body. These viruses can be treated through sound vibration which is the new energy healing called Direction Technique.

Viruses thrive in large groups of people where the collective group thinking is negative. Negative thinking in a group weakens the immune system, which makes individuals vulnerable to a virus. The new way of treating the virus is for the individual to think for themselves in a positive way, which gets them out of the  influences of the negative collective. With positive thoughts and beliefs about yourself, the body builds its own natural resistance to the virus, which strengthens in the body. Viruses are not going anywhere. They are weakening the bodies' immune systems, making them susceptible to bacteria entering the body, then the excessive use of antibiotics are losing their efficiency.

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Harmonise Your Glands - 3 Breaths at a Time
12:30 pm12:30

Harmonise Your Glands - 3 Breaths at a Time

Perth, Western Australia
Katrina explains how our beliefs and ideas about ourselves are often the cause of our emotional problems and physical maladies and how, by using the power of intution, we can change our thinking and our lives for the better.

The Body Anatomy Medical Intuitive course helps your endocrine system, and the glands create positive energy into your body.


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Balance Your Body - 3 Breaths at a Time
12:30 am00:30

Balance Your Body - 3 Breaths at a Time

The concept of remote viewing the body is an ancient tradition in ancient medicine. To find the origin of a problem, one needs to train intuitive skills, or psychic knowledge. This can be done in numerous different ways. Call it an extra sense or developing and trusting the ability to use multiple new senses. Over the years, I have witnessed many new intuitive senses with people. Some people are confident to feel, see, visualize, know, smell, touch, and read the future. The skill of a medical intuitive knows how to track or trail a body’s anatomy system to find the origins of a problem by hearing and using refined instincts

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The Power of Unseen Energy
7:00 pm19:00

The Power of Unseen Energy

Energy can affect you in a positive or negative way. This monthly intuitive workshop will guide you to get your power back by using the Direction Technique meditation to help you look within your own body and find blocked energy fields in certain parts of your body. Click the photo to find out more and to not miss this opportunity to attend the event.  

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