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Communicate With the Afterlife

Communicate With the Afterlife
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Have you recently lost a loved one? Are you looking for closure with someone that has previously passed away? Or maybe you are curious about a potential connection you might have with someone that has passed?

Have you always wanted to connect with a family or friend that has passed away?

After running many private one on one afterlife consultations (over my 30 year career), I will be hosting my first group afterlife class. The aim of the class is to empower people and help surrounding spirits find peace. The class will also include a meditation class

 In my private mindfulness class (on the 1stof May) I will be communicating with the dead, examining existing life force around people that attend the class and interpreting the energy surrounding people. The class will also include a meditation to help resolve the stress surrounding the loss of family or friends.

In a must-see psychic medium reading with Katrina Jean Taylor, comforts people and animals who have passed over. Through previous experience, in this workshop, I want to bring comfort to my people who have lost a loved one. I will help with communication with loved ones trying to find you!

Katrina acts as a conduit with people, and animals from the other side, bringing through their information and passing on the information.

There is still a life force energy on the other side. These soul’s who have passed over, lower their frequencies to get their message across.

Katrina is a teacher and wants to educate people about energies and how they vibrate with frequencies.
People can be stuck in this life and also can be in the after life. Katrina shares her psychic mediumship and experiences healing souls. Her passion is to empower people and those in the afterlife to move forward and find peace.


Where: Woodlands Perth
Date: Wednesday, May 1st
Time: 7-9pm

Contact Katrina
+61 415341762 or