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A 2 WEEK Certified Medical Intuitive

What is the Medical Intuitive Certification Program?
Level 4

Empower yourself to become a successful practitioner and understand your role as a certified  Medical Intuitive as well as a Direction Technique™ Practitioner.

The program is presented as a one on one individual Interactive Online with extensive practice and coursework.

Please note: Katrina’s courses are for private one-on-one and individually written for your excellence support and growth. Email if you need to arrange a date that suits, if you cannot enrol at this time.

Take a leadership role in raising the awareness about the Medical Intuitive skills and the new energy cutting edge energy healing modality, Direction Technique.

Apply Medical Intuitive skills with confidence in everyday life, yourself, others and in your own healing practise.

Discover how using the Direction Technique improves accurate Medical Intuitive assessments, allowing the client to find clarity, direction and wisdom to take action to make life changing patterns.

Key Objectives

  • To encourage individuals to self heal

  • Build intuitive skills to use energy healing for others and yourself as a Medical Intuitive Practitioner.

  • To build confidence to use energy for healing

  • Professional Manual Package

  • Build confidence to apply Medical Intuitive and Direction Technique as a professional

  • Build confidence in speaking to clients

  • Structure your time to succeed

  • Build confidence in hearing and listening

  • Self- evaluate your healing performance

  • Time management techniques

  • Professional conduct

  • Provide direction, strategies and support for your clients

What will I get out of this course?

  • 2 scheduled 40 min personal conference educational calls

  • Minimum of 4 documented Medical Intuitive Assessment scans. Will be evaluated

  • 8 Education Curriculum Development videos

  • Submitted documented Practice Client Case Study hours are included towards Certification from the Level 2 and Level 3 programs, with a Level 2 maximum of eight (8) Practice Client Case Study hours, and a Level 3 maximum of eight (8) Practice Client Case Study hours.

  • Total of Twenty (20) Practise Client Case Study hours, including four (4) in this course

Video Documentation

Two of the final ten (10) Practice Client Case Study hours must be submitted as videotaped sessions of 60 minutes each on this schedule:

  • On completion of twenty (20) Practice Client Case Study hours, you are required to submit a video of the last two (19 & 20) Practice Client Case Study hour for review by The Direction Technique. You will be provided with notes and/or additional instruction or recommendations. The Program Director will determine your eligibility at that time for final Certification.

Dear Practitioner,
The enclosed package is designed to assist practitioners in addressing their ability to use the Direction Technique™ and Medical Intuitive skills as a professional.  After completing the certified medical intuitive training, you will have the ability to use the Direction Technique, Medical Intuitive skills on clients as a professional and be listed on website as a Certified practitioner. 

The Role of Direction Technique™ and Medical Intuitive Practitioner is to show others the simple effective new energy healing method,  "The Direction Technique™" and direct clients to use the Direction Technique™ to heal themselves, and help others heal using Medical Intuitive skills, in your own practise, other healing modalities or simply as a Direction Technique Medical Intuitive

As a consequence of this focus, Katrina feels the following skills will develop in practitioners

  • Confidence to be a medical intuitive

  • Trust and develop intuitive hearing

  • Trust in ability to use the Direction Technique™ to find the origin of an issue

  • Solid foundations of the  Direction Technique™ New Energy Healing Method

  • Trust and develop intuitive senses 

  • Use The Direction Technique™ to witness and observe an energy healing

  • Gain confidence to hear wisdom and deliver everyday strategies for direction for a client

  • Create an action plan

  • Develop a five year vision

  • Reflective journal

  • Help your client to feel safe

  • Professional care and safety procedures for yourself as a healer and the client

  • Importance of Insurance protection

  • When to refer a client for medical  or veterinary support

  • When to do sessions on friends

  • Energetic boundaries for safe practise

  • Practitioners Self Evaluation

    Client Assessment Sheet

  • Membership and agreement

  • Marketing Agreement

  • Practitioners Self Assessment Moderation Report

  • Empathy skills

  • Trust intuitive senses

  • Solid foundations for Medical Intuitive and Direction Technique™ New Energy Healing Method

  • The importance of objective readings

  • Help others with clarity and direction

  • Self care using medical intuitive skills

  • Lesson confusion to find clarity & direction for clients

  • Builds on skills to heal others and yourself as a Direction Technique Practitioner

  • Improve intuitive abilities to self heal and others

  • Support your clients through the healing process and ensure they are safe and supported

  • Develop abilities to speak with confidence within yourself and for your clients

What is is suited for?

For those that want to certify as a professional Medical Intuitive with the added opportunity for continued support to practice Medical Intuitive assessments in a structured, supportive, monitored role.

Prerequisites for Medical Intuitive Practitioner Certification Program

  • For Level 1 Students: Course information Medical Intuitive Interactive On-Line Focus for Direction: How to Self Heal and Find Your Own Answers by Katrina Jean Taylor included in price, plus manual.

How do I sign up for this course?

Medical Intuitive Certification
Add to Cart

Katrina Jean Taylor approval and email notification of acceptance. Once you have submitted your Application and paid for the Medical Intuitive Practitioner Certification Program you will be notified by Direction Technique or your acceptance into the Practitioner Certification Program. It is at the sole discretion of The Direction Technique. A form will be sent to your email for registration details. It is up to the discretion of Direction Technique, if your application is successful.

As a “DIRECTION TECHNIQUE™ CERTIFIED PRACTITIONER”, and MEDICAL INTUITIVE CERTIFIED PRACTITIONER, you are aware of the amazing changes you experience using the healing modality. Develop your souls potential, and witness miraculous energy healing.

What happens after completion of Certification Medical Intuitive Course

  • Upon completion of Level 1, 2, 3, & 4, you will be issued a Medical Intuitive Practitioner Certification

  • Complementary Therapy insurance

  • Working with Children or Police Clearance if working with Children under legal age

  • Direction Technique Certified Practitioner contact details and website will be listed on

  • Medical Intuitive Certified Practitioner contact details and website will be listed on

After completing your certification you are able to work as a professional Direction Technique Practitioner

  • Market and promote yourself as a Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner, Direction Technique Practitioner

  • Apply professionalism, integrity, and work ethics in the energy healing industry

  • Be eligible for promotion through katrinajeantaylors’ website

  • Join the leading edge of Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioners and this new healing modality for the the world

  • Support your clients through the healing process and ensure they are safe, supported with professional care

  • Complementary approval.

  • Police clearance approval

  • Working with children Check (If you choose to work with children)

  • Application form submitted

  • Medical Intuitive Practitioner Certification Agreement submitted

  • Once you have been approved for Certification, you'll receive
    a. The Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner Agreement
    b. The Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner Certificate by post (Within Australia) or by email if outside of Australia. You may opt to pay international postage, priority mail, or other carrier fees.
    C. The Certified Medical Intuitive Direction Technique Logo for use in your marketing materials

  • Credential renewal is required every year. Renewal includes:

    a. Participation in one Certification conference call, or audio/video review
    b. Renewal yearly fee of $80 (non-refundable)

    c. Passing on Medical Intuitive written test
    d. Proof of practitioner insurance

  • Program Director approval and email notification of acceptance
    Once you have submitted your Application for the Medical Intuitive Certified Practitioner Certification Program, you will be notified by Direction Technique if you fulfilled all the requirements and accepted. Your acceptance into the Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner Certification Program is at the sole discretion of The Direction Technique.

  • Medical Intuitive Practitioner Certification Program Certification Agreement submitted

NOTE: Until you have completed The Medical Intuitive Practitioner Certification Program, you may not use the term "Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner" in your promotional or marketing materials.

NOTE: Program Director may require you to submit additional Practice Client Case Study Hours, Video Documentation and/or provide you with additional instructions or recommendations.

Certification Approval

  • You will have one year from the ending date of Level 1 to complete the above requirements.

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