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A 4 Week Medical Intuitive Excellence Program

Early in my life I could remember things, and had experiences, that defied explanation. In seeking answers, I asked many questions. I lost my mother to ovarian cancer at a young age. She was 54 and I was 21. My mother’s mother passed of breast cancer at the age of 27, when my mother was only 8. Once I had 3 boys of my own, I decided to seek answers to understand how to change the concepts of cancer and the concept of cancer passing onto future generations. My mother’s demise, the death of diseased cells, gave me the opportunity to dispel beliefs that did not serve me well and discover new ways of thinking. I became a medical intuitive, and used all my intuitive gifts to heal others. I want to share with you, ways to use your own intuitive gifts, to empower the process of the body’s natural healing abilities.

What is the Medical Intuitive Excellence Program: Level 2?

The Medical Intuitive Excellence Program: Level 2 is specifically designed for practising, advancing your medical intuitive skills to assist people to feel confident to use Medical Intuitive skills  for friends, family, animals, yourself or clients.

Please note: Katrina’s courses are for private one-on-one and individually written for your excellence support and growth.

Email Katrina: if you need to arrange a date that suits, if you cannot enrol at this time.

Katrina’s courses are designed that you can do in any order, for the healing industry, as well, for any one that wants to care for self and others, families, children, change work environments for better productivity.

How Long Will it Take?

  • 4 Weeks

Do I Need to Complete in Order?

  • You can choose any course you feel is right for your own situation

  • These courses are designed for any person who wants to learn how to use energy for healing

What Will I get Out of This Course?

  • Weekly videos specifically tailored for self healing and healing on others with Founder of Direction Technique and author Katrina Jean Taylor

  • 1 - private 1 hour Medical Intuitive Energy Healing with Katrina

  • 1 - private 1 hour Consultation for applying Medical Intuitive skills for moderation and assessment with Katrina

  • 2 - weekly recorded audio sent to your email, answering questions about your learning.

  • 4 - weekly zoom, skype, facetime interactive one on one with Katrina for further learnings.

  • 4 - weekly medical intuitive workbooks

  • Certificate sent upon completion of course

Evaluation, Moderation & Support

  • 4 written evaluations, support, guidance assessments and tips by Katrina Jean Taylor for each Medical Intuitive Healing or scan.

  • Medical intuitive demonstrations

  • Specifically designed for practising and advancing your intuitive skills to be an accurate medical intuitive.

  • On-line and interactive training for support

How Do Sign Up for the Program?

  • No prerequisites

  • For those intending to certify as a Medical Intuitive professional, please be advised level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4 needs to be completed to practise as a Professional Medical Intuitive for clients.

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What is it Suited For?

  • Medical Intuitive Assessments of the energy of a body

  • Comprehensive intuitive evaluations designed to identify the core energetic patterns of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual traumas at their root origination points.

  • Manage care for diseases

  • Help yourself and others from feelings of tiredness and exhaustion

  • Relieve symptoms of stress

  • Build the body’s own natural resistance to the virus, and illnesses and strengthen the body.

  • Use cutting edge active meditation to release stuck energy and negative thoughts

  • Manage with new techniques to understand how grief affects the person who has an illness and for the carers

  • Heal the stories, trauma or perceptions why your body or mind develops an illness, mental fatigue or tiredness

  • Understand how dominant thought-forms influence society, groups and families.

  • How feeling vulnerable can lead to illnesses.

  • Cancer and grief

  • Sound healing for Viruses

  • Strengthen your immunity

  • Bring strength to your mind around group thinking that can attract an illness

  • Calm your nervous system, to strengthen your immunity around influenza

  • Learn how economic crises, world events, family trauma affects the bodies health

  • Anxiety

  • Skin Disorders

  • Relieve Stress

  • Nervous Conditions

  • How sound can heal cells in the body

  • Track pathways of certain diseases in the body

  • Be objective, strong within and stable, when uses alternative holistic therapies

  • Be objective, strong within and stable using medical intuitive skills

  • Learn how energy fields around and within the body affect the health of the mind, soul, and body.

  • Improves physical and emotional disorders

After completing the Medical Intuitive Excellence Program: Level 2, you are able to continue your intuitive training and attend more learning modules, created and taught by Katrina Jean Taylor.

Join me for the 4 Week Coaching for Healing: Level 3. If you choose to be a certified Medical Intuitive, Level, 1, 2, 3 and 4 needs to be completed within 1 year. These courses can be done in any order and are designed for anybody who wants to improve their life, self-help, support families, or take it to the next level and be a professional healer.

The beauty of these courses, is you are totally supported and your own individual program is specifically designed for you. Katrina has written and developed individual learning programs for teachers, healers, across educational curriculum, special needs, and delivered professional seminars world wide.

Specifically designed for individuals who want to utilise their own power to self- heal with heightened intuitive skills and to practise your skills on others, with support from Katrina

Key Objectives

  • To be aware of how powerful your intuitive ability is to heal as a medical intuitive

  • To build confidence in hearing and listening

  • To build confidence to apply Medical Intuitive skills on others

  • Aims to improve individual ability to heal themselves and others

As a consequence of this focus, Katrina feels the following skills will develop in yourself

  • Confidence in using your intuition to energy heal as a medical intuitive

  • Accurate medical intuitive Body Scan assessment of the information from energy systems. It can help assist in clarifying underlying issues.


After the course, choose to join me to continue how to protect your self as a healer, train your intuitive sense, learn the Direction Technique, or certify as Medical Intuitive by completing

Medical Intuitive Interactive On-Line
Level 1; 4 weeks
Coaching For Healing Interactive On-Line Level 3; 4 weeks
Medical Intuitive Certification
Level 4; 2 weeks

Each course can be completed in any order. If you choose to be a Certified Medical Intuitive Professional, all courses needed to be complete within 1 year. Upon completion of Level One, Two, Three and Four you will be issued a Medical Intuitive Practitioner Level Certificate and will be listed as Medical Intuitive.

These changes will ripple through your family and genetic line.

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