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Energy Healing the Natural Way
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Join me for the Energy Healing the Natural Way (Medical Intuitive) workshop presented in beautiful Ubud, Bali. It is the perfect environment to free yourself and shift energy with ease. 

The Direction Technique is an effective method for shifting all forms of blocked energy. It alleviates pain, cleanses your mind, soul, aura & body, realigns your heart and brings balance back to your life as well as your body. You will be taught the ability to use ancient knowledge to balance the endocrine system, glands, hormones, nervous, structural, skeletal systems, reduce anxiety, depression, relieve stress,  improve self-esteem, dissolves grief. You will learn the difference between healthier anger and destructive anger, gain respect and trust back in your life, improves relationships, and so much more. 

This course teaches medical intuitive skills and how energy fields around and within the body affect the health of the mind, soul, and body. Understanding how to use energy for healing improves physical and emotional disease.

One of the real benefits of this work is accessing ancient traditional knowledge that has been used for centuries to develop your senses and psychic abilities. Your soul will be forever grateful for bringing a deep connection to your inner spirituality. 

Combining ancient knowledge, medical intuitive skills and the Direction Technique empowers you to find wisdom and strategies to bring clarity in your life. It is truly amazing. You will feel more at ease, stable and focussed.  The “Three Quick Breath” Direction Technique Meditation uses your own powerful energy to self-heal and brings stability onto people’s lives.

In the “Three Quick Breaths, Direction Technique Meditation" people learn to quickly find their own wisdom and perspectives. The technique teaches you how to remove stuck energy, be one step ahead of viruses, maintain mental stability and lesson physical exhaustion.  Take control of your own destiny and create a free-flowing life energy pathway.

Journey to a peaceful space for deep healing, spiritual growth, transform and learn the power of Ancient Knowledge to use these gifts in everyday life. 

Ancient energy healing systems around the world and the practice of connecting to inner wisdom. The Direction Technique accesses ancient traditional healing methods. Connecting with an ancient healing energy helps you use this sacred knowledge wisely. Feel the presence of light healing vibrations. Use the three breaths to cleanse and purify your body, alongside cultivating the art of imagination to find a deep sense of peace

Self Heal Using Medical Intuitive Skills.png
Commuincate with Traditional Healers.png

Develop intuition to bring the ancient healing energies into your world. Welcome the ancient traditional healers to guide you to find inner strength, courage and improve decision making. Knowledge of how using intentions from the ancient healers, heals your life.

Traditional Energy Medicine.png

Learn focussed Direction Technique Heat Therapy to relieve nervous conditions, thyroid problems, cleanse your aura, body, alleviate pain. Release stuck energy and use this technique to create energy flow in your colon and stomach.

Connect With Power Animal.png

Sacred ceremony to meet the ancient healers & your power animal. Nurture your body, mind and soul with energy healing. Surround your life with protection by the ancient healers.

Cleanse Your Energy.png

Bring rituals into your life using elements, fire, water, air & earth. Cultivate the art of visualization. Cleanse your aura and energy the Inca Ancient way. Master the art of using hands to cleanse the aura around a person, a house, or any solid material. Protect your own space.

Train your inner mind’s eye with red vibrations of light, cleanse your body and learn self-compassion. Communicate with ancient knowledge of Ancient Energy Healers, using the “Three quick Breaths”, Direction Technique.

Learn Self Compassion and For Others
Learn the importance of energy exchange, then transfer energy from one form to another with wisdom and clarity. Intuitively read, watch energy circles inside a body and in your auric field. Tap into the sacred knowledge of protection

By practising your empathy skills wisely to shift energy, you will connect with an ancient energy within and use this sacred knowledge to heal. Take away a powerful technique to access ancient healing energies. Use Direction Technique Heat Therapy to cleanse your aura, body, alleviate pain and illnesses and self- heal with 3 quick breaths.

mongolia drum .jpg

Mongolian Shaman

This picture was taken when I was training with the Ancient Mongolian Shaman in Mongolia. I want to share these ancient gifts for our modern world to understand the importance of energy work.

Be empowered to believe in yourself and learn strategies to move forward in your life. Let go of the fear of predicting your own future and create a positive energetic future filled with joy and peace.

Email for information about places to stay, yoga studio, organic massages, facials, driver and other events happening in Ubud.


Really wonderful to do healing on each other, build confidence and have the intention and care and heal others with amazing women! I feel like I have everything within. I always had it, I just needed to believe.

Krista Sanderson

This course is my milestone of being a practitioner. It is amazing, it recharged my knowledge, energy, knowing and increased my confidence as a Direction Technique practitioner. I am happy to be part of this training and can hardly wait to see the impact on my life. I believe the others will feel the same. Thanks a lot Katrina

Rika Ermasari
Direction Technique Practitioner.

I am surprised to get the focussed heat in my hand and send heat healing vibration. My power animal is a black bird, Sparrow which will bring me all around the world with the feeling of being free. I am confident of my own ability to do healing with my healing hands

Vonny Jenie

Lots of information, different thinking about self growth. Katrina has a lot of knowledge. I found the girls I practised with were really good and had different natural abilities to heal and help. Rika said it straight and gave me the answer about my decisions. Krista got right to the core of my heart and helped me make it light. Vonny has healing hands. Fun, detailed and safe

Angie Lister

This course is really powerful and amazing. You get to connect with your own power animal, learn ancient healing using the Direction Technique and experience a shaman ceremony. Today I have learned to have compassion for myself and have gained so many skills to help me move forward. I feel like a different person than the one who walked through the door this morning! Energy Healing is a very powerful tool in attuning me to the wonderful potential of healing. The instructions from Trina were clearly given and guidelines and  intuitive knowledge was imparted with compassion, and patience and Love
Thank you Trina XXX
Shona Brooks

This course is really amazing and powerful. You get to connect with your power animal,  learn the Direction Technique Heat Healing and experience an ancient traditional healing sacred ceremony. This course teaches you about compassion.  I feel such a deep sense of peace after completing this course. Katrina teaches you to connect with the shamans in such a gentle way. It's truly amazing. Thank you so much
Nicole Sheppard

This workshop has shown me how easy it is to work with this realm of ancient healing in my everyday life. Katrina Jean Taylor is a remarkable woman who shares her gift of wisdom, compassion, and foresight. Katrina continues to inspire me to continue my own self-healing journey. Using these new techniques of heat healing, I can now be more compassionate with myself and use this heat to heal my body.
Joyce Pereira-Hellmuth

It was lovely to be in a group of like-minded people and compassionate people. It was amazing to be able to have my questions answered by the shamans. I felt very honoured to be in their presence. And thank you, Katrina, for facilitating this through your own beautiful self. I really got a lot out of this course.
Anita Gadenne

"Feeling stable around unstable energy empowers you to be yourself. The deep beliefs of your own conscious thinking align your soul with your life's purpose

In ancient times, energy workers known as shamans used rituals, tools, and wisdom to provide guidance and healing for the people of their tribes. The “Three Quick Breath” Direction Technique Meditation brings stability into people’s lives, allowing them to be safe and go the correct space back through time to bring these ancient powerful ways of healing to integrate them in your daily life.

Using the Direction Technique Meditation, people can learn to quickly find their own wisdom and perspectives, remove stuck energy within the body and outside the body, and be one step ahead of viruses, mental instability, and physical exhaustion.  Take control of your own destiny to create ease, flow, abundance, positive health and happiness into your life.

Energy Healing is an ancient method of healing that has been used throughout history to remove stuck energy, heal the disorder of energy fields around and within the body, and transfers stuck energy which can result in physical and emotional disease."
Katrina Jean Taylor








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