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Looking After Yourself

This intuitive training will help you to look after yourself and take the time to look after your body. 

  • An introduction to Medical Intuition

  • Daily Self Care Diary

  • Discern when someone needs your care

  • Learn to be aware when your energy lifts or drops during the day

  • Discover if collective thinking, environment, person, group of people stopped you from self-care

  • When to notice the things in life that take you away from looking after yourself

  • What do you need daily to self-care 

  • Balance your own thyroid gland

  • Create energy

  • Brain training

  • Learn mental skills to cope with the challenges of modern life

  • Overcome fears and balance your hormone system

  • Medical Intuitive demonstration

  • Take control of your own natural healing powers.

  • Direct energy with focused intentions

  • Listen to parts of the body that need healing and support

  • Find peace, direction, and strategies to move forward in your life.

  • Mindful meditation

  • Crystal singing bowls sound healing meditation while guiding you to balance your 7 glands, find blocked energy in your body, allowing you to focus on your thyroid to intuitively remote view inside your body.

  • Discover the healing power of your thyroid gland

  • Learn 3 quick breaths that help you be your own medical intuitive

  • Listen to the intensity created by the healing sounds of the crystal bowls

  • Bring peace and harmony to your life and the world around you.

  • Intuitive support to learn the Direction Technique to find your own wisdom

  • Worksheet to continue Self Care

    Medical Intuitive Energy Healing
    +61 415341762

    Active Meditation Class

    Be Your Own Medical Intuitive In Person
    Wed 5th June, 2019, 7-9pm
    Perth, Western Australia

    Be Your Own Medical Intuitive Webinar
    Sun, June 9th 2019, Webcast 2pm-3.30pm Western Australia/ 1 pm Jakarta, Indonesia

    2 pm
    Please check your local time at this link :

    Only 10 seats available in the Zoom Webinar Room. The will be recorded if you miss the On-Line Live Webinar

    This unique Medical Intuitive live webinar delivered by an international medical intuitive teacher, speaker, and author will empower you to be your own medical intuitive, finding the root cause of a physical illness, emotional or spiritual issue.

    Join me for this life-changing Medical Intuitive Energy Healing workshop delivered by an international medical intuitive teacher, speaker, and author Katrina Jean Taylor. Experience a new method to self-heal, listen to the healing sounds of the crystal bowls, and energize your thyroid gland.  

    You will come away with the ability to use your intuition to be your own medical intuitive to create energy in your body and thyroid gland.

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