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New Year - New You: Let Go of the Past

New Year - New You: Let Go of the Past
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It is the time of the year when we can all get a little carried away and forget to look after ourselves. If you are feeling the Holiday rush and need a little self-care, then join me this Wednesday, the 5th of December from 7-9pm! 🙏✨

We will be going through self-healing techniques, mindfulness strategies and a crystal bowl healing session to help you feel revitalised and renewed for the busy weeks ahead. 🙌

Let go and trust your inner wisdom

Heal  your body, then create new intentions for 2019 

Let go of the feeling of rejection

Let go of past stories that hold you back

Move forward quicker

Join the last Medical Intuitive Energy Healing workshop for 2018 delivered by an international medical intuitive teacher, speaker, and author Katrina Jean Taylor. Experience a new method to self-heal, listen to the healing sounds of the crystal bowls, and energise your thyroid gland.  Free yourself and shift energy with ease. 



December is here so it is time to give yourself permission to move on from negativity that has been caused in your life in 2018! Join me for a one-off workshop this Wednesday, to learn techniques on how to shift built up energy in your body! 🙏✨

In this session we will be using crystal bowls, learning insights to emotional rejection and mindfulness techniques! 🙌

Insights as to how we can look at things differently from a different perspective on how to understand the strong emotion of rejection, and change your perspective around rejection

New Year - New You
Let Go of the Past

  • An introduction to Medical Intuition

  • Recover from feelings of rejection

  • Know when to reject beliefs, or feelings of guilt, shame or blame

  • Begin manifesting positive intentions before the beginning pf 2019

  • Direction, strategies and wisdom to let go of the same old stories that hold you back from moving forward

  • Medical Intuitive demonstration

  • Take control of your own natural healing powers.

  • Direct energy with focused intentions

  • Listen to parts of the body that need healing and support

  • Find peace, direction, and strategies to move forward in your life.

  • Mindful meditation

  • Crystal singing bowls sound healing meditation while guiding you to balance your 7 glands, and create more energy in your body

  • Discover the healing power of your thyroid gland

  • Bring peace and harmony to your life and the world around you.

    The Direction Technique is an effective method for shifting all forms of blocked energy. It alleviates pain, cleanses your mind, soul, aura & body, realigns your heart and brings balance back to your life as well as your body. You will be taught the ability to use ancient knowledge to balance the endocrine system, glands, hormones, nervous, structural, skeletal systems, reduce anxiety, depression, relieve stress,  improve self-esteem, dissolves grief.

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    PRICE: Includes Practical activities and strategies