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Positively Happy

Dolphin Meditation helps find inner guidance. By rewiring your brainwaves, to reduce stress and stop the habit of obsessive over thinking. This workshop will help you. Communicating with dolphins and whale sounds have been shown to; Find deep happiness, improve communication, increase attention span, boost confidence and self-esteem, enhance both gross and fine motor skills, improve coordination, better eye contact and more smiling, laughing and touching and stimulate the immune system. A heart connection develops when swimming with the dolphins. It can bring a sense of calmness, strength, relief of tension, and raise ancient intuitive skills and develop whole brain learning.

Benefits of Meditation

  • Instant deep meditation reduces stress by claiming the nervous system
  • Enhances brainwave patterns for mental, physical and mental health
  • Works to synchronise the left and right side of the brain which results in whole brain thinking
  • Less anger, stress, addiction, depression, panic attacks and unnecessary worry
  • More happy and positive your mindset becomes
  • Faster healing
  • Have more energy
  • Pain management 
  • Management of chronic illness 
  • Lowering of high blood pressure 
  • Relief from insomnia 
  • Manifesting life changes 
  • Emotional and physical balance

Katrina developed, introduced and  presented whole brain thinking programs across whole school curricula.. Your brain has two hemispheres, left & right:

Left hemisphere thinking: Refers to being linear, logical, practical, mathematical, analytical, scientific, and time-oriented. 

Right hemisphere thinking: Refers to non-linear, intuitive, abstract, and being creative.

Whole brain thinking heightens the intuitive mind.  You become more awakened and focussed. Integrating both left and right brain increases mental health, positive thinking patterns and lessons anxiety.

Katrina has developed a unique focussed mediation, which ultimately helps activate the body's 7 glands. Stimulating positive intentions into specific glands in our body, calms the nervous system, activates energy and aids the cells in all of the body to efficiently  function.

Katrina guided meditation helps the person look within their own body, specifically the endocrine system. Her ability to direct and guide the individual to find peace, 

These meditations use sound healing of the crystal bowls and also dolphin and whale sounds to harmonise healing within the body.