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Everyday Strategies for Feeling Overwhelmed and Frustrated

Strategies for Feeling Overwhelmed & Frustrated
  • Saturday, April 1, 2017
  • 12:30pm  3:30pm

Remove Yourself From Negativity & Be You. Katrina teaches you to understand how to be compassionate for yourself and others. You will be given strategies to witness objectively in times of crisis. 

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This workshop teaches you to understand how to recognise what is influencing you in your life and find ways to reduce the feelings of overwhelm and frustration. 

If you want to know how to be in the world, enjoy, life, know who you, gain strength within, and retrain your mind to observe situations, rather than react to situations, then the "Direction Technique " workshop is for you!

This personal development workshop will show you the simple method, " Direction Technique™" to not only heal yourself, but everyone around you. 

Included in the three hour workshop:

  • Be comfortable with yourself in a situation
  • Guided Meditation using the singing bowls to balance your body, mind and glands
  • Clairvoyant question time for your own individual needs
  • Katrina channel, give strategies and direction for each individual to continue using the  Direction Technique in your own time after the course
  • Know when to take action and wait for the right answers
  • Notice what habits you have that heighten your stress and fatigue

  • Intuitively x-ray vision your own adrenal glands to feel any blocked energy

  • Place energy into the adrenal glands to relieve symptoms of stress, fatigue and calm the nervous system

  • Change feelings of frustrated

  • Create a space you can hold for your own
  • Discover what is your thoughts amongst others
  • Lead your life
  • Understand when to observe situations before reacting
  • Develop  empathy and use it wisely
  • Understand clarity of thought. "what are you carrying in your life and is it yours?"
  • Know when to take action and wait for answers
  • How work, family, social situations affect your health, mental and physical health

  • Use the Direction Technique to heal  exhaustion,  fatigue and Frustration

I have had the fortunate opportunity to teach, heal and observe many people in many countries. I feel so blessed to be given those opportunities, wealth of experiences and want to deliver this knowledge to you in this course. We will deepen your knowledge about time travelling, activate your thyroid gland, learn how to observe events that cause stress objectively. I want to show you how group thinking does and can affect your life. You can learn how to be yourself within groups and have choices. This course  develops your intuitive senses and to trust your gut instincts. 

Whatever your profession is, a healer, a CEO, a housekeeper, a mother, father, etc, completing this course will prepare you to lead your life and  to master your own energy.

I am honored to share this knowledge to you and help you find truth in your life.

Group thinking

It is very important to observe, and understand if group thinking is affecting your life now. Of course it is important to be in the present, however the past and the future is equally important. Old patterns of behaviour can be changed,  shock and trauma can be removed from the body.


The Direction Technique course presented by Katrina Jean Taylor taught me the significance of making the right decision at the right time in the right dimension.  After participating in these invigorating expansive learning sessions I feel my world is waking up! My confidence with people and communicating the ability to choose to shed limitations has grown unceasingly. I realize daily the significance of divine timing and clear perspectives. My loyalty to myself has become vital and choosing Truth over Drama avails me a peace I have never known. I am excited about the healthy new neuron pathways that I am growing and the co creativity that I perceive in my future. In designing her How group thinking affects your life course, Katrina has opened a divine doorway of opportunity which offers solace to every Soul. I feel Blessed to have experienced her loving Guidance."
With eternal appreciation
Suellen Edwards Direction Technique(TM) Practitioner

I have been practicing healing for the past five years and my understanding of healing in this world has come to a complete circle since doing this course. Everything I have been doing and planning before made sense and these events had led me to doing the Direction Technique courses with Katrina.

This course  taught me how to heal my past, present and future time(s) in the now. We have infinite choices and choosing to heal the critical times in our lives opens up many more pathways. Being multidimensional is the key component I have learned from Katrina’s teachings.  This I have felt has left me feeling more grounded and I am alot more at ease in all situations around me. I have found I am being in the right place at the right time and choosing to interact rather than react to situations. My body feels lighter and more energy is being converted in my body as my thyroid gland feels healthier.

Katrina has always demonstrated the highest integrity in her workshops. Her passion for life, her family, friends and her own journey in healing shines through to her way teaching. Katrina thrives on success of her own students, her dedication to her students, the compassion and love she shows makes learning always a joy with Katrina.
~ Joyce Pereira-Hellmuth

The Direction Technique course is both empowering and insightful, providing access to other dimensions, times and offering another level with which we can heal ourselves, the collective consciousness, the planet, countries, situations, events – there are no limits.
The teachings are very powerful while at the same time very humbling – a transformational experience. Katrina is an amazing teacher, an angel on this earth, who teaches from the heart in a space of wisdom and compassion. I would highly recommend the course.
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