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Direction Technique Freedom

Katrina will be allocating time to intuitively scan individual people to assist you in your own learning. This meditation chakra cleanse is designed to bring you inner peace and clarity, as well as tips to find simple ways to diffuse negative energy within your body. You will be shown a way to clear blocked energy within your meridian centres within your body. 

This unique energy workshop will empower you to be your own medical intuitive, finding  the root cause of a physical illness, emotional or spiritual issue. You will clarify your own wisdom, track your own body and finally use the three quick Direction Technique to pinpoint the root cause. 

This mini two hour workshop will help you find solutions for health, emotional or spiritual questions you have been struggling with for years. The most effective way to change is to make the decision to change and then learn to be your own seer to create the future you want.

You will be shown a how important the "Three Quick Breaths" are for your physical health. In this workshop, you will gain knowledge how to look within, while training your intuitive senses to hear your inner wisdom.

Time will be allocated for you to ask Katrina a question for your own support.

Meditation helps find inner guidance. Teach your brain to reduce stress, calm the nervous system and bring positive energy flowing within your body & mind. Release blocked energy in your meridian centres, let go of unnecessary negative thought, release stress and bring laughter back into your life.

Hear her insights, channels and find that deep connection within to bring peace and harmony in your life and the world around you.

Meditation helps find inner guidance. By rewiring your brainwaves, to reduce stress and stop the habit of obsessive over thinking. This workshop will help you change the habit of overthinking. Included is a mediation that retrains the brain waves, calms the nervous system and helps you let go of worries, stress and any specific problem you may be facing now.

The Direction Technique, Three Quick Breaths", helps you use your own endocrine system, specifically the pineal, pituitary, adrenal, pancreas, thymus, reproductive, thyroid glands and the hidden power of the secret heart gland, which all produce hormones for your body to feel balanced. 

Empower yourself to choose light. Empower yourself to watch your behavior in every transaction of energy. Be objective at times in crisis, and act in the exact perfect moment within time.

Please bring a rug, pillows for your meditation. Katrina will be playing the Crystal singing bowels while guiding you to balance your 7 glands, find blocked energy in your body, allowing your to focus on your thyroid to intuitively remote view inside your body. You will find peace, direction, and strategies to move forward in your life.

There will be question and answer time for you to receive wisdom and direction from Katrina, as she channels and relays her clairvoyant answers for your individual needs.

Benefits of Meditation

  • Instant deep meditation reduces stress by claiming the nervous system
  • Enhances brainwave patterns for mental, physical and mental health
  • Works the synchronises the left and right side of the brain which results in whole brain thinking
  • Less anger, stress, addiction, depression and unnecessary worry
  • More happy and positive your mindset becomes
  • Faster healing
  • Have more energy

Katrina wrote, introduced and  presented whole brain thinking programs across whole school curricula.
 Your brain has two hemispheres, left & right:

Left hemisphere thinking: Refers to being linear, logical, practical, mathematical, analytical, scientific, and time-oriented. 

Right hemisphere thinking: Refers to non-linear, intuitive, abstract, and being creative.