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Cleanse & Welcome Positive Energy into Your Life: Shamanism Basic 1

  • Direction Technique Woodlands Perth Australia (map)

BASIC: No Pre-requisites
Shamanism Level 1


This course will introduce you to the ancient traditions of cleansing your mind, body, house and work space. You will learn about the "Three Quick Breaths" meditation that will empower you to look within to find your own inner guidance.  You have found this course to  feel free. You would have decided this time in your life you want to find ways to "love" without doubt and trust your own inner wisdom. 

Before you attend this course, think of 4 things you want answers for. Each course is designed to prepare you to find stability in your everyday life and know you are finding deep peace

Shamans in every life time dedicate their lives to protect, heal and master the art of using energy. 

The Direction Technique, "Three Quick Breaths meditation, guides you to the universal library so you can forgive, move forward, change within and change your perceptions for positive outcomes. It is unique, as it concentrates on your saliva and endocrine system. 

These shamanic exercise helps understand how the three breaths’, cleanses and purifies your body, alongside cultivating the art of imagination to find a deep sense of peace


  • Learn how your 7 glands produce hormones to balance you
  • Learn about ancient knowledge and systems used around the world used for healing
  • Learn the "Three Quick Breaths" Direction Technique meditation
  • Listen to the sounds of the crystal bowls to balance the pineal, pituitary, adrenal, pancreas, thyroid, reproductive ad thymus glands. Each gland has specific functions to help your body grow, feel healthy, produce hormones for optimal health.
  • You will gain knowledge of the importance of the spiritual connections these glands can help you move forward in your life. Each gland helps you evolve spiritually
  • Harmonise and balance your 7 chakras and deeper your knowledge how the glands play an important role to manifest energy.
  • Understand the importance of clearing your mind, to bring into your life what you desire
  • Demonstration how to cleanse your body, house work space using clear intentions, the elements of fire, wind, while using the "3 Quick Breaths"
  • Clear out the negative and bring and welcome new positive energy
  • Learn to observe clusters of energy and how the Inca's find ways to cleanse auras
  • The art of using fire & charcoal to cleanse energy
  • Energy incense cleanse to clear out the negative and welcome in the new positive energy
  • Learn the new healing colors in the world and discover how orange cleanses and heals you

The Inca Ancient Healing prepares you to clean energy outside the body. This cleans you from clusters of negative energy, group thinking that is negative and any thought forms that may want to hurt you. Soon both you and the shaman will be joined in clean energy, light.

The Inca civilisation accesses the power of the sun’s rays, and manifests red vibrations of light within the mind’s eye. This shamanic exercise helps dissolve pockets of air that is dense and filled with negatively. 


Energy Healing the Natural Way
450.00 680.00

Energy Healing the Natural Way
Date: Sat & Sun 15th-16th Sep 2018
Venue: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
Time: 9am-5pm
In ancient times, energy workers known as shamans used rituals, tools and wisdom to provide guidance and healing for the people of their tribes. The “Three Quick Breath” Direction Technique Meditation brings stability onto people’s lives, allowing them to be safe and go the correct space back through time to bring these ancient powerful ways of healing and integrate them in our daily lives.

In ancient times, healers, energy workers are known own as medicine men or women used rituals, tools and wisdom to provide guidance and healing for the people of their tribes.

The “Three Quick Breath” Direction Technique Meditation uses your own powerful energy to self-heal and brings stability onto people’s lives.

Using the “Three Quick Breaths, Direction Technique Meditation” people can learn to quickly find their own wisdom and perspectives, remove stuck energy within the body and outside the body and be one step ahead of viruses, mental instability, physical exhaustion and take control of their own destiny to create of ease, flow, abundance, positive health and happiness into their lives.

Energy Healing is an ancient method of healing that has been used throughout history to remove stuck energy, heal the disorder of energy fields around and within the body, and transfers dense energy which can result in physical and emotional disease.

Energy Healing is an effective method for cleansing your body, mind and aura to allow your soul to heal within. This workshop teaches you to shift and release blocked energy, alleviate pain, realign your heart, mind and soul and bring balance back to your life as well as your body. You will be taught the ability to use shamanic tools to balance the endocrine system, glands, hormones, nervous, structural, skeletal systems, reduce anxiety, depression, relieve stress, heal injuries, diseased bodies, improve self esteem, addresses addictive behaviours, dissolves grief, teaches the difference between healthier anger and destructive anger, gains respect and trust back in your life, improves relationships and so much more.

One of the real benefits of this work is that we are accessing ancient traditional medicine that has been used for centuries.  We develop our senses and psychic abilities to evolve. Your soul will be forever grateful and you can keep searching for knowledge. Knowledge is power and so are you.

Shamanic Training Level 1 & 2 introduces you the Powerful Energy healing ways of the shaman. We take an in-depth look at some of skills used in shamanic healing, including spending time connecting with nature. During this course you can expect to go on a journey of deep healing, spiritual growth and transformation.

  • The spirit connection

  • Shamanic synergy

  • Shamanism & chakras

  • Conversing with the spirit world

  • Shamanic Journey

  • Dream

  • Connecting with nature & other beings

  • Heal & communicate with your power animal

  • An introduction to sound Healing

  • Develop Intuition

  • Awaken the Shaman Within


    • Animal Medicine

    • Past Life Release

    • Sacred Ceremony

    • Soul Retrievals:

    • Communing with Nature

    • Cleanse energy the ancient way

    • Cleanse your home with the element of fire

    • Cleanse your energy field with the element of fire

    • Meet the African Shaman

    • Gain knowledge how systems of energy work

    • Discover the truth around Ancient Energy Systems, "Voodoo, Black Magic"

    • Meet the Native American Indian

    • Meet the two Intuit Elders

    Meet the shamans in your guided meditation

    • Witness Katrina prepare her ritual to bring the power of the Native American shaman, African Shama

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