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Change Lifestyle Habits to Improve Health

Change the Genetic Line and Feel Better

Date: Saturday May 6 2017
Presenter: Katrina Jean Taylor
Time: 12.30pm-3.30pm Western Australia Time or can be viewed live
Venue: Warren Lake Hall
             Teakwood Avenue
             Woodlands, Perth

Can also be viewed live

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Change Lifestyle Habits to Improve Health helps the genetic line to feel better.

Activate once hidden DNA strands, unlock the healing energy of your DNA and activate the body’s Natural Survival Cells

The Direction Technique is a New Energy healing that activates the brain – and creates pathways to support whole body healing, waking up the potential of your cells for positive health. 

We can change your genetic lineage and free your family. By changing genetic patterns and freeing your family from locked in generational diseases and limiting patterns of thinking

Release your generational patterns and free the genetic blocks so that you pass on positive patterns and health. Release generations of disease and beliefs and live freely in health

By changing the Genetic Line – you will  be healthy and strong for you and your children.

Shock and grief can reside in the body and  you could being living with these symptoms for decades, or generations. Eventually conditions such as diabetes, cancer, mental illness, chronic fatigue, back pain emotional pain, and this is only a few illnesses Katrina has guided and supported.

By stopping generational illnesses, mental fatigue and habits that can become addictions,  we help ourselves have a better life, as well help the next generation and be free


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