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Balance Your Body - 3 Breaths at a Time

Balance Your Your Body

- 3 Breaths at a Time

Develop Medical Intuitive Skills for Your Physical Health

Train your visionary skills to observe the energy in the Adrenal, Pituitary, Pancreas Glands and stimulate energy for these three glands.
This course teaches you how to hologram (place stories behind why your body or mind develops illness, mental fatigue or tiredness).

The concept of remote viewing the body is an ancient tradition in ancient medicine. To find the origin of a problem, one needs to train intuitive skills, or psychic knowledge. This can be done in numerous different ways. Call it an extra sense or developing and trusting the ability to use multiple new senses. Over the years, I have witnessed many new intuitive senses with people. Some people are confident to feel, see, visualize, know, smell, touch, and read the future. The skill of a medical intuitive knows how to track or trail a body’s anatomy system to find the origins of a problem by hearing and using refined instincts. The vibrating thought system within the meridian centre, the parasympathetic system, and the sympathetic system of the body can help balance endocrine glands, including, for example, pineal, thyroid, pancreas, adrenals, pituitary, and gonads. Looking at why certain diseases may develop, we can refine how energy is stored both outside and inside the body. This is the next intuitive skill, and it is called “refining energy.” The body is a hologram of meridian centres. 

Eliminating doubt can eliminate disease. Diseases  are caused by imperfections in our cells, which, when originally generated, were formed to perfection. However if cells that surround the perfect cells have been exposed to negativity - feelings of anger, resentment or jealously, for example-then by a process of osmosis, the perfectly formed cells take on that negatively and are rendered imperfect.

Being aware of the original causes of a physical malaise is the key to its elimination since you can track the origins of the disease, the trauma and the environment within the cells can be healed.

Katrina will demonstrate how she uses her intuitive abilities to heal a body. Included in the demonstration will be a medical intuitive scan of a body, intuitive questions to find the beginnings of an issue, and finally showing how to guide a person to find their own answers using the Direction Technique.

Each cell within the body not only has  energy but thoughts. At times a person can be carrying grief which then after so many years, can develop  physical illnesses or mental fatigue.

This course helps you trust how to remote view a body and enhance Medical Intuitive Skills. There will be guided visualization activities to help you  use Direction Technique to Remote View within a Body

Pancreas Gland

  • Protect and  heal your stomach by releasing blocked energy in the pancreas
  • Aid the digestion process of lipids, proteins, sugars and starches
  • Balance Ph levels
  • Change any feelings or beliefs of defeat
  • Release any doubt

Adrenal Glands

  • Strengthen, balance & heal your Adrenal Glands to prevent exhaustion, fatigue and stress
  • Learn to be objective when intuiting questions 
  • Learn to heal your own body & any negative thoughts
  • Develop your intuitive hearing and intuitive questions abilities
  • Calm the nervous system 
  • X-ray vision or remote view  your own body  body 
  • Activate the Potential of Your DNA
  • Expand your knowledge of the Direction Technique

Pituitary Gland

  • Prepare for a postive future
  • vibrate energy into the pituitary gland to have the ability to see and create your future
  • Learn to trust and be in the right place at the right time
  • Harmonise your body
  • Develop accurate prediction skills
  • Reduce unwanted thoughts by directing energy into the pons .
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Later Event: 7 June
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