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The Power of Unseen Energy

December Intuitive Workshop
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Katrina finds ways to overcome emotional challenges by understanding how your feeling and allow more positivity into your life

What do you do to handle life's challenges.....

  • When your feeling confused in life and don't know which direction to take?

  • When suddenly your body feels disconnected and your open to negative thinking and illnesses.
  • When your lonely and you seem to battle in everyday life. You can change these feelings sooner than you think and find solutions.

There is an opportunity to create positive changes for yourself, family, work, friends that will ripple through your life. It's all about being aware of the different en0+6ergetic thoughts of others that are positive and negative.

Energy can affect you in a positive or negative way. This monthly intuitive workshop will guide you to get your power back by using the Direction Technique meditation to help you look within your own body and find blocked energy fields in certain parts of your body.  

What will happen at the intuitive workshop?

  1. Change your perceptions around fearful energy

  2. Discover ways to use energy in a positive way

  3. Learn to connect to a positive force of energy and internal wisdom inside of you

  4. Gain your power back and stop being  manipulated.

  5. Protect your energy outside your body with one of the ancient traditional shamanic  methods.

  6. Direction Technique Meditation to feel light vibrations that protect you.

  7. End the session with questions and answers

Receive an opportunity to ask, the writer of "Focus for Direction- How to Self Heal and Find Your Own Answers" a personal question that challenges you and to which you can't find a solution for with Katrina.

Join other like minded people,

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Earlier Event: 2 November
Later Event: 1 February
February Monthly Intuitive Workshop