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  • Katrina Jean Taylor Woodlands Perth Australia (map)

I have channelled the Direction Technique for people to take control of their energy, feel stable and tap into their bodies natural healing powers. I have  been gifted with the ability to see inside bodies and the most unusual heightened sense I have, is hearing the pitch of certain viruses. I can literally see the pathway it takes in the body. I believe "viruses" have their own thought systems, which are intelligent and humans' can learn to be one step ahead of the virus, if they choose to adapt, meaning strengthening their immune systems, being flexible and understanding the powers of  healing energy

If you are smart with your energy, train your ears to hear the harmonic sounds that heal these viruses and learn what they want, then you are one step closer to creating a positive healthy future. Your immune system will strengthen and your body will co-habitat, with the new strains of viruses.

  • With positive thoughts and beliefs about yourself, the body builds its own natural resistance to the virus, which strengthen the body
  • The first step is to understand that a person’s thought patterns affects the body’s immune system.
  • Viruses are not going anywhere and antibiotics are losing their efficiency.
Earlier Event: 5 October
October - Monthly Intuitive Workshop
Later Event: 7 December
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