Energy Cleanse Incense

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Energy Cleanse Incense


What's Included
7 Cleansing charcoal
7 Positive affirmations
Specifically selected clearing incense
Focussed intentions from Katrina Jean Taylor

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To prevent fire, burn the incense within sight. Keep out of reach from children and pets. Never burn on or in anything that can catch fire. Not to be eaten. Never fall asleep with an incense burning.

Warning Instructions
Charcoal tablets are extremely hot when burning and continue to be hot. Handle with care. Be careful what non-flammable surface you put your bowl on, as some surfaces can still get hot.  You can also place your bowl or charcoal on a brick, or levelled stone. Make sure charcoal and incense does not fall on its side.

Do not put too much incense on the charcoal. If your house fills with too much smoke, place under water, or take outside and place in soil. Do not leave unattended. If you want to put incense out before the time is finished, place under water. Charcoal is not re-usable after it has been extinguished by water.
Be aware if you have a smoke detector as the smoke could set if off if you place under the detector.
Direction Technique with “Three Quick Breaths”

Energy Cleanse Incense

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