Direction Technique Three Quick Breaths Joy & Love: Living Lightly

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Direction Technique Three Quick Breaths Joy & Love: Living Lightly


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Direction Technique Three Quick Breaths Meditation
Joy and Love – Living Lightly
Find Direction with Dolphin & Whale Meditation

This is a Direction Technique Dolphin & Whale Meditation. This is different to other meditations because listening to the sounds of dolphins’, calms you and energizes at the same time, while listening to the sounds of the whales and dolphins.

This active meditation helps you balance your life with rest and play, while calming  your nervous system. It brings together the happiness of the dolphin sounds, focussed intentions for the mind, and balances the chakras of the body, which are aligned with the body’s endocrine, hormonal system and helps me love myself.  This meditation is designed to lift your energy, feel spiritually balanced and brings an abundance of positive energy into your body and life. Connecting with the sounds of the dolphin’s heartbeat brings you feelings of joy.

You have an option to open or close your eyes., which in located  below the adams apple, or the hollow of your neck. Think of the color red and imagine a figure eight symbol rotating inside your thyroid. Have clear intentions that you want to visualise inside your body and know that you have chosen to connect to ancient and new knowledge. 

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