Direction Technique Three Quick Breaths Free to Be Happy

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Direction Technique Three Quick Breaths Free to Be Happy


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Direction Technique Three Quick Breaths
Dolphin & Whale Mindfulness Meditation
Free to be Happy
Find Direction with Dolphin & Whale Meditation

This Direction Technique, “Threequickbreaths”, Dolphin & Whale Meditation is different to other meditations because listening to the sounds of dolphins’ and whales, calms you and energizes at the same time.

These meditations will guide you to connect your heart and head and activate wisdom today

This active meditation helps you balance your life with rest and play, while calming your nervous system. It brings together the happiness of the dolphin and whale sounds, focused intentions for the mind, and balances the chakras of the body, which are aligned with the body’s endocrine, hormonal system and helps you to be  free, to be happy, to enjoy love and laughter in your life. 

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