Dolphin Energy Healing

 Katrina has been communicating with dolphins since she was a child.

Extract from

Focus For Direction- How to Self Heal and Find Your Own Answers
-Katrina Jean Taylor

Communicating with Dolphins

Bali, Indonesia

"I have good news. Yesterday I have a medical checkup and the instant result is very good. My blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol is mostly fine. Thank you to the dolphin course and thank you Trina. It feels good to hear I am healthy. What most amazing is when I do the treadmill. Usually I give up o the 3rd stage, but instantly I hear the dolphin sounds and it seems I am walking.My blood pressure is stable as if I am not doing treadmill and my ECG scan is good result. Everybody is confused. They ask me to redo the treadmill and its the same result. I could finish all the 5th stages smoothly and my blood pressure is still 110/70. My heart rate in only 97."

Rika Ermasari
Direction Technique Practitioner/Psychologist

October 16th 2017

The essence of our energy resonates in every cell of the dolphins’ consciousness. They exclude negativity from their souls and minds, and they have a detailed heightened extra sense of awareness.

Witnessing both adults and children communicating with dolphins creates pure energy fields. A heart connection develops when swimming with the dolphins. It can bring a sense of calmness, strength, relief of tension, and raise ancient intuitive skills and develop whole brain learning.

My whole life, I have been communicating with dolphin energy, and I want to share this ancient communication of sound language. We can teleport to the dolphin’s heart only if shown properly how to do this. Thoughts of love trigger vibrations within both the dolphin and human, and both will feel the blubber of the dolphin and allow sacred communication with the heart gland, resulting in having a deep sense of wisdom.

Hearing the pitch of the dolphin and feeling the calmness of the dolphin’s nervous system teaches the human brain to feel calm. Children and adults can be given the gift of communicating with the dolphin’s heart. The dolphin’s heart is a specialized endocrine organ and has special endocrine functions. I have channeled that the dolphin has a secret gland hidden in its heart.

Communicating with a dolphin’s sound is an ancient technique. I have been fortunate to swim with the dolphins since I was a young child. I have understood an ancient language that has given me gifts of sacred times with these wise animals. Even now, I tone these languages, and they swim by my side, play, and bring their babies near me.

Sonic sound vibration used by the dolphin carries for long distances. What happens when you think to ring someone and that person rings you? Is it sounds of thoughts emitting in the hologram?

Training how to use pitch to communicate with dolphins expands wisdom. It does take practice and dedication to master this skill. The more you start feeling your own skin sensory patterns, the more you trust your instincts.

To communicate with the dolphin, it is essential to train your own teleportation skills and understand realms of existence within a hologram. Touching dolphin skin helps humans to self heal and understand pure energy.

In this course you will  

Communicate with dolphins and receive direction technique to enhance the healing.

Dolphin therapy has been shown to:

  • produce strong, positive emotional changes
  • have a calming effect
  • improve communication
  • increase attention span
  • boost confidence and self-esteem
  • enhance both gross and fine motor skills
  • improve coordination
  • lead to better eye contact and more smiling, laughing and touching
  • stimulate the immune system.

What Does This Course Include

  • Full day workshop with Founder of Direction Technique Katrina Jean Taylor
  • 45 min interaction with Dolphins which have been nurtured back to health ( Valued at $105AUD)
  • Transport to and from Dolphin Swim in the ocean
  • Exclusive venue in Seminyak

 The Magic of Dolphin Communication

Benefits of Dolphin Communication

Rhythm and vibration stimulate the endocrine system, relieve tension, calm the nervous system and tap into a person's ability to heal within. Dolphins emit ultrasonically waves to communicate. Once we learn how to communicate with dolphins with the Direction Technique, then the process ofjoy,  health, crises resolve anddeep emotional pain released ina person's soul. Finding the origins of a problem and releasing the trauma allows a person to make decisions in critical times. Encounter time with the powerful dolphin with direction, focus and intent. People can heal themselves. These tools are essential for growth, sound vibration and adaptations for the future. We can heal within by interacting with dolphin energy.

  • Disabilities - for example Autism, Aspergers
  • Endocrine disorders
  • Learning difficulties
  • Specific illness
  • Communication
  • Benefits of an individual healing session which includes educational Focus for Direction modules for dolphin communication
  • Direction Technique
  • Understand pure energy and pure intent
  • Improve communication in all relationships

Do you or your children suffer from anxiety, stuttering, learning disabilities, lack of confidence, auto-immune disease, physical disabilities, autism, aspergers, communication anxiety?

Katrina Jean Taylor has over 30 years' experience writing and delivering educational and healing workshops in Perth, Australia and internationally.Her expertise is to teach people how to learn. Her experience has led her to produce individual educational learning programs for both teachers and students who need extra help.

Katrina now offers a one hour consult for you or your child for a healing and a follow up individual program will be written for you or your child's personal needs. This valuable insight and direct instruction can be used for when you communicate with the dolphin in the future. 


Communication program.

Help communicate with autistic children. Take the individual educational lesson plan and swim with the dolphins in your time.

Katrina has two Bachelor of Education degrees  and a Diploma of teaching.

Her specialties reside in writing individual programs for special needs and for teachers to further their teaching strategies.

The Dolphin Communication Healing Workshop presented by Katrina Jean Taylor has taught me how to clear blockages, intuit through my skin and understand my souls purpose in this lifetime. I have experienced other changes which have happened as well as had many more insights unfold since the workshop as I become much clearer in my everyday life.

Swimming with the dolphins in Bali I have experienced that these ancient animals emit tones and sounds that heal hearts, re balance brain hemispheres and nervous systems. What I have experienced from this has enabled me to improve my communication skills.

I have been trained by Katrina in all of her Direction Technique™ courses over many years developing and refining my intuition. Katrina uses many skills she has learned from over 30 years of working in the Education Department as well as her highly trained intuition to teach effectively. I have always known Katrina to be kind, compassionate, devoted, dedicated and humble. It is with her humility she able to help us hear our dolphin messages.

I want to thank Katrina for developing such a unique workshop where I have experienced many miracles, joy and happiness.

I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone.
— Joyce Pereira-Hellmuth (Perth)Direction Technique™ Practitioner for Family and Husband's Engineering business