Certified Direction Technique Practitioner

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Certified Direction Technique Practitioner


A Professional Learning Module for Practitioner’s of The Direction Technique™ . This workshop is designed for individuals to gain confidence to use the Direction Technique™ energy healing method to heal others as a professional Direction Technique Certified Practitioner

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Direction Technique Certified Practitioner Advanced

This workshop is designed for individuals to gain confidence to use the Direction Technique™ energy healing method to heal others, including animals as a professional Direction Technique Certified Practitioner

Builds on skills to heal others and yourself as a Direction Technique Practitioner

Aims to improve individual ability to heal themselves and others

Model and implement strategies to succeed as a Direction Technique™ practitioner

Support your clients through the healing process and ensure they are safe and supported

Take a leadership role in:

1.     Raise the awareness about the Direction Technique™

2.     Incorporate practitioner skills learnt to find the origins for a client

As a “DIRECTION TECHNIQUE™ CERTIFIED PRACTITIONER”, you are aware of the amazing changes you experience using the healing modality. Develop your hearing skills by becoming a “’DIRECTION TECHNIQUE™ CERTIFIED PRACTITIONER”’ so you can further develop your souls potential, as well as witness miraculous healings on others.

·      Ability to use Direction Technique energy healing to self-heal, friends and family

·      Confidence in doing the Direction Technique™ on yourself

·      Improve quality of the Direction Technique™ process

·      Ability to learn how to use the Direction Technique™ in everyday life

·      Develop abilities to speak with confidence

·      Ability to learn how to be productive with your time

·      Discover how to self- evaluate your healing performance

·      Develop and deliver two self-evaluative critiques

·      Utilize time management techniques for professional conduct

·      Time management using the Direction Technique™

·      Extensive skills to be a  natural healer·   Train neurons in your brain to speak with wisdom

·      Speaking to yourself or client about strategies


  1. Attended one Direction Technique Basic on-line course or in person course

  2. Completed Direction Technique Practitioners course.

  3. Two Medical Intuitive Direction Technique courses. This can be completed before attending the Certified Direction Technique Practitioner course or you can choose to complete these courses within one year of your training.

  4. Completed Direction Technique Practitioners and Direction Technique Animal Practitioner course if you want to specialise to energy heal, or communicate with animals.

Dear Practitioner,

The enclosed package is designed to assist practitioners in addressing their ability to use the Direction Technique™ for friends, family, yourself or animals.  After completing the training as a certified practitioner, you will have the ability to use the Direction Technique on clients as a professional and be listed on Katrinajeantaylor's official Direction Technique website as a Direction Technique Certified practitioner. 

The success of this package will enhance

·      Self-evaluation

·      Build confidence in speaking to clients

·      Structure your time to succeed.  

Key Objectives

·      To promote Direction Technique™

·      To encourage individuals to heal themselves

·      To build confidence in hearing and listening

·      To build confidence to apply Direction Technique™ on others

The Role of Direction Technique™ Practitioner is to show others the simple effective new energy healing method,  "The Direction Technique™" and direct clients to use the Direction Technique™ to heal themselves

As a consequence of this focus, Katrina  feels the following skills will develop in practitioners

·      Confidence

·      Trust and develop intuitive hearing

·      Trust in ability to use the Direction Technique™ to find the origin of an issue

·      Solid foundations of the  Direction Technique™ New Energy Healing Method

·      Trust and develop intuitive senses 

·      Use The Direction Technique™ to witness and observe an energy healing

·      Gain confidence to hear wisdom and deliver everyday strategies for direction for a client

·      Heal yourself, clients or animals

This Direction Technique™ Practitioner training includes

Part 1

Empower yourself to become a successful practitioner and understand your role as a certified  Direction Technique™ Practitioner

  • Half day course with Katrina Jean Taylor

  • Direction Technique demonstration

  • Action plan

  • Five year vision

  • Timeline

  • Reflective journal

  • Business plan - cards - promotion

  • Direction Technique™ language

  • How to meet and greet a client

  • Strategies how to professional care for a client and yourself

  • Importance of Insurance protection

  • When to refer a client for medical  or veterinery support

    Table of Contents

    Mission Statement


  • Checklist

    Direction Technique™: Practitioners Certified Training

    Certification Process

    Create a Five-Year Vision


     How to Do the Direction Technique™

     Glossary of Direction Technique™ Terms

    Fill in the table of the language avoid to be used as a Direction Technique™ Practitioner

    Use the Direction Technique™ to Explore Worth with a partner

    Grouping Ideas to Explain Direction Technique™

    Gain Confidence to Speak to a Client about a Direction Technique™ Healing Session

    Role Play

    Advertising and use of Direction Technique logo

    Recognise a Successful Direction Technique™ consultation

  •  Answering the Telephone

     Business Cards

    When do I refer a client?

    When do I do sessions on friends or client

    List ways to refine your energy after using the Direction Technique™ on a client

    Use the Direction Technique™ on yourself to explore when do I take action and when do I let go?

     Reflective Journal

    Action Plan

    Direction Technique™ Practitioners Self Evaluation

    The Direction Technique Client Assessment Sheet

    Direction Technique ™ Practitioners

    Membership and agreement

    Marketing Agreement

    Direction TechniqueTM Practitioners Self Assessment Moderation Report


    Origin Sheet for Client

    What happens after the half day course?

Part 2

  • One professional meeting with Katrina Jean Taylor, (either in person, skype or telephone)
    within 4 weeks of the date of the course.

  • 4 weekly podcasts with Katrina for guided support

  • Professional moderation assessments for 6 Direction Technique consultations

Part 3

  • Complementary Therapy insurance

  • Working with Children or Police Clearance if working with Children under the legal age

  • Direction Technique Certified Practitioner contact details and website will be listed on www.katrinajeantaylor.com

After completing your certification you are able to work as a professional Direction Technique Practitioner

Payment schemes available: Email katrinajeantaylor@yahoo.com