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I am a psychologist; I choose psychotherapy as my path. It is important for people to feel comfort within themselves and move forward. I am a believer and I trust God with all my heart. I believe clients come not only for help, but most important to relay God's messages to me.

What I want to say is for all the people like us, we should be blessed to be part of His big plan and strive for it. It is ok to be afraid but learning with Trina will help you to master your special gifts. I used to be afraid and hide my gifts. Now I know that I am special through Trina, then my eyes opened and now I am enjoying being special and abundance.


Certified Direction Technique Practitioner
Psychologist@Brawijaya Clinic & Life style center
Oktroi Plaza kemang 3rd Floor
Jl. kemang Utara Raya no. 1
Jakarta Selatan - Indonesia
Ph. +62 21 719 2682, +62 21 717 92074
Hp. +62 8777 5310 062 ; +62 816 1951 722


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Nicole Sheppard

Nicole has the unique ability to hear clear intuitive messages, that guides people to heal. Her ability to heal animals and their families is a gift. Her calm, soft nature makes you feel safe and comfortable. 

Nicole Sheppard
Certified Direction Technique Practitioner

Email: nics@mail2wow.com


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Are you interested in a future of well-being and confidence? the direction Technique expands psychic sense and helps you create the future you want. At Intuitive Networks we guide you to new pathways to unconditional well-being, using the Direction Technique to focus for direction.

Suellen Edwards
Certified Direction Technique Practitioner

Email: suellen.edwards@bigpond.com