Online: Find Strategies for Peace and Direction


Online: Find Strategies for Peace and Direction


Learn the Direction Technique Energy Healing, 
a new healing method that gives you everyday strategies for peace, wellness and prosperity

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Bring Positivity into Your Life with Katrina Jean Taylor

Its time to tap into your intuitive energy when you don't know what to change in your life, or are you ready to improve on your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Yes, then join Katrina Jean Taylor's new on-line basic course called, Bring Positivity into Your Life: The New Energy Healing of Intuition! If you are new to energy healing and maybe confused in how Katrina will bring positivity into your life, then this is the ideal course for you. It is available online and Katrina will introduce you to her world of energy healing and what she does as a Medical Intuitive and spiritual healer. For your convenience, you can also purchase through PayPal but remember, you do have to organise and book a time as these online courses can be conducted via Skype or if you choose, can through an email. 


More About Katrina Jean Taylor Energy Healer

Katrina has helped people all over the world heal from pain, emotional trauma, medical ailments, communicated with loved ones who have passed, changed patterns in her workshops and  private consults using the Direction Technique™, the breakthrough energy healing method, which is effective, direct and focused.  Katrina discovered, through healing over 5,000 clients and teaching internationally, that the key to having what you want rests in your ability to look within your own body’s amazing healing powers.

Katrina Jean Taylor is now offering her life-changing training available to you in an all new online course  Train Your Intuition and Be Your Own Miracle Worker. After this course you will feel empowered, rewire neurons in your brain to teach yourself to heal yourself. You can be your own miracle worker in all parts of your life, free yourself from illnesses, phobias, anxiety, and free yourself from any negative energy holding you back. You will be able to know what to change and make those changes immediately instead of taking years and develop strategies to take action at the right time. This course concentrates on teaching you to hear wisdom and channel with clarity. Once you learn the Direction Technique you will forever have a focused system to help you in life.
Katrina still uses the Direction Technique to find her own answers, and also channels ancient wisdom to help others. This simple system can be used in any situation and in alignment with the medical field and other modalities. What Katrina learnt after having unique psychic skills since she was a child, that this simple system was channeled to her to help the next generation believe in themself. It also helps train other psychic senses, ancient healing knowledge, for example heat, eye, knowing/gut instincts, seeing colors, auras and you will notice your life will flow and you will be placed in the right place at the right time.
Katrina's invites you to train your intuition and enhance your intuitive abilities by using your mind, endocrine system and glands. Doing the visualizations, daily neuron affirmation training diary, watching her videos and self heal using the Direction Technique now, you’ll see just how important training your intuitive senses can be in bringing to life what you really want!

This intensive training has everything you need to heal, change habits, clean your energy, and focuses on what you want to create in your life. You will feel a deep sense of peace.
By using what Katrina has developed as the founder of the Direction Technique has taught people, you’ll uncover the secret to hear your own inner intuitive messages, understand what you want in your life and experience joy and peace for yourself and your family can heal with you.

What Can Katrina Jean Taylor’s  Online Course Do for You?

 Is a new on line course, you will have the chance to learn how to train your intuition in your time.
All You Tubes and lessons will be available to you to learn in a comfortable home environment with Katrina Jean Taylor

Develop intuitive hearing to hear your own wisdom and learn the Direction Technique to create HAPPINESS and SUCCESS in your life

Katrina Jean Taylor is a Medical intuitive healer that is an internationally renowned teacher, speaker and author and is the founder of the Direction Technique (TM), a breakthrough energy healing method. She is a medical intuitive who is at the forefront of energy healing for the world.

Her new online course "Be Your Own Miracle Worker" demonstrates the Direction Technique method and is designed to make better choices and train your intuitive skills. After taking this unique psychic course you will find you will be able to find your own answers, see auras, teleport to the past, present future, heal your family, learn to vibrate energy into seven glands and help you evolve. We can change our way of thinking and help our genetic line heal.
You will find that you will be in the right place at the right time.

Find your own wisdom and be in alignment with your soul's destiny.

Over 11 Videos | 11 Lessons | Inspirational Stories | Case Studies - 11 Positive Affirmations: Neuron Training Diary

Lesson 1:  3 Steps to Self Heal, learning about being a medical intuitive for yourself
Lesson 2:  Cleanse energy and understanding the 3 three breathes that heal.
Find where stuck energy is held in the body
Lesson 3:  Enhance Visualisation skills: Understand how the colour red heals
Colours and Crystals
Lesson 4:  Learn how to time- travel by enhancing your teleportation Skills: Choose to change, grow your neurons in your brain, so your body understand how to change
-Learn to be objective and have clear intentions
Lesson 5:  Communicate positive thoughts and  understand how thoughts can confuse you, mind reading exercises
Lesson 6:  Direction Technique visualisation: Vibrate energy into your glands and calm your nervous system
-Meditate to find peace and ask a question and see if you can intuitively hear your own wisdom
Lesson 7:  Find ways to be happy and successful using the Direction Technique simple technique
Lesson 8:  Find a time in your life when you felt happy and bring that feeling back to your present life
Lesson 9:  Create healthy perceptions to create your own future you want
Lesson 10: Hear wisdom to take action to change, find direction and discover strategies to create happiness and feelings of success immediately
Lesson 11: Find ways to cleanse your energy and rid yourself from confusing thoughts

Supported Material
Special techniques to cleanse yourself and your home.
Video Inspirational case studies

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Hi Katrina I just wanted to say thanks and to let you know that your online course has opened up my psychic skills in a big way! I get clear messages from spirit which is such a valuable tool to have in my life! I am so grateful! Many positive changes have been taking place for me and my family since I’ve completed the course! I feel this is also due to the powerful and positive affirmations too! They really shifted a lot of energy for me and I now have them posted around the house as a reminder every day! Thankyou so much for teaching the online course! It was also great to be able to do the lessons and homework around the kids, which I greatly appreciate! I look forward to more learning with you in the future! Love and Blessings — Kylie Sheppard