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The ancient healers knowledge know the importance of soul energy healing. Cleansing negative energy from the mind, body and soul, empowers a person to feel strong within to making better choices in life. Heal sorrow, anxiety, repeated generation dysfunctional patterns and choose to empower yourself to self heal.  The ancient way of healing is powerful, effective and sacred. These ancient traditional healers have chosen a life to heal others and the planet. Balancing chaotic energy brings a feeling of peace and stability. Cleansing chakras, helps the mind work as a whole giving inner power and a strong connection to self awareness.

Katrina is also passionate and dedicated to animal healing work.  Katrina helps with removing any trauma for pets and those that care for them. She will give valuable strategies to help solve behaviour issues, moving forward from the loss of a pet, gives comfort to sick pets and uses her medical intuitive skills, alongside powerful heat therapy to ease the pain for both animals and people.

Katrina can communicate with your animal and help you find ways to heal and know how your animals are feeling.

Katrina is a published author, international speaker and has been presenting  workshops internationally, intuitively guiding people to find their own inner wisdom. Katrina has dedicated over 30 years helping people find direction, lesson the confusion in their lives and give them strategies to take action to change their lives to create a positive future.  Katrina combines intuitive counselling, to help people find their own answers.  Her experience as a  trained teacher with two bachelor of Educations has given her credit in her industry, caring for individuals and making sure every person receives support to feel safe. Katrina has had this gift since childhood and wants to share to the world her new healing modality that enables people to connect to their own intuitive abilities. Clean and purify negative energy the ancient way.

Katrina will be guided by the surrounding ancient traditional healers help people gain strength and power to bring the ancient knowledge to the present. 

The ancient way of healing is powerful, effective and sacred. They want to help  the planet balance chaotic energy and bring peace into people’s lives. In order for them to do that, they need to  help people to feel stable within their mind, regain inner power and develop a strong sense of self.

 Katrina has been all over the world meeting and training with ancient traditional healers, and uses energy to heal. Your energy inside and outside your body will be cleared so you will gain your own wisdom, receive insights and leave feeling stable and grounded. She has been gifted her own mask from the Mongolian tribe and honours this deep energetic soul energy-work. 

Time: 1 hour 15 minutes 1:1 personal consultation with Katrina
Available on Skype, Phone or In Person