Why is Saliva Important for Energy Healing?

My name is Katrina Jean-Taylor and the founder of the Direction Technique,  medical intuitive, author,  speaker and an energy healer. 

The Direction Technique allows energy to balance the endocrine system and stimulates vibrations within the body to produce the production of enzymes, hormones and saliva. 

 I aim to share my knowledge of witnessing clients over 30 years and how when a person notices the change of their saliva, the energy healing is more powerful.   Training neural pathways in the brain allow the cells to have a space for healing. You need to turn off your adrenal glands and learn strategies to deal with stress. 

The mind, endocrine system, organs vibrate energy in the body to feel balanced. The Direction Technique is a healing technique that involves your intuitive power to self-heal. 

The Direction Technique uses intuitive energy to bring about changes in the body across six levels of cellular physical emotional mental behavioural and spiritual.  The Direction Technique places the importance of saliva. To understand healthy changes in the body, I believe understanding energy healing is the most potent healing.  

I have developed Medical Intuitive videos and workbooks to help you understand how your body reacts to stress and how you can use mindfulness strategies to self-heal.

Saliva changes help the mind process energy healings in the body. 

Sometimes the saliva tastes like toxins. I've had a client who lived next to a chemical plant that exploded.  She developed cancer. Throughout our healing session, her saliva continued to release unwanted toxins from her body.

Saliva is an indication of toxins or the energy leaving your body. We have the skin, which is one of the most significant organs in your body. You've got your nerve endings. But saliva is a critical role in the healing process. 

Eliminate toxins or changes or disease from your body and concentrate on the importance of saliva. Of course, one of the main functions of saliva is dental care. However, the role of saliva is also to produce enzymes.

I believe there is another way for us to notice and be aware of energy healing within our body and allowing some of those blocked energies to release from the body.

Decide to get your ability back and use energy to heal physical, mental and emotional health with the power of positive intentions.

Katrina Jean Taylor
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