Why I Produced Whale, Dolphin & Crystal Bowl Meditations.

When I was a young girl, playing in the bush close by the ocean.  I was lost for seven hours in thick scrub, I knew by watching the sun it would guide me home to safety. Instead of being afraid, I felt calm in nature. I watched the trees, noticing how the sun hit the side of the trees. I knew the trees and sun would guide me west towards the ocean. My instincts kicked in, my adrenals and cortisol levels rose. I walked at a fast pace, as the sun was dimming to find the ocean. Once there, I knew the way back to my holiday home.  It was here that I discovered a secret place, where I had my first experience with dolphins. They came close to shore and watched me. I then knew I was destined to help others feel this inner joy, and hear the healing sounds of the dolphins and whales.

Hearing the sounds of the crystal bowl meditation vibrates energy to certain parts of your body to remove stuck energy, allowing space for the body's natural healing powers to awaken. These memories brought me to the now and I recognise this happiness. 

You can find inner happiness by taking three simple breathes, stopping and listening to the harmonic tones of dolphins, whales and the crystal bowls. That bring inner peace that helps you to feel free to be happy. 

Sound healing can produce changes in the autoimmune, nervous, endocrine, and every cell in the body. You just need to know how to enhance your hearing to allow these sounds to travel throughout the body.

The sounds of the crystal singing bowls connects us to the ancient natural way to heal and uses a holistic approach to heal the mind, body, and soul. This meditation can be used in alignment with the medical field to assist the body's natural abilities to create energy and heal. Sound Healing can be used as a holistic approach to mind, body healing and spiritual healing. The 7 glands in your body, pineal, pituitary, thyroid, thymus, adrenals, pancreas, reproductive glands, as well as every cell in your vibrates, vibrates with an energy force. By directing the harmonic sounds of the crystal bowl, dolphins and whales sounds, you can vibrate with these frequency of sounds and with focused intentions create energy inside and in your environment. Energy systems are the key to healing and you can tap into the power of this vibration to heal.

I play the crystal singing bowls for you to direct and focus these sounds, using your thyroid gland, which helps with sleep, feeling calm, anxiety, happiness and what you need to help you.

Many have asked me, "Do I clean chakras?" "Yes, I answered, but would you like to know how to also clear your glands of blocked energy?" These meditations allow you to be your own medical intuitive to empower you to wake up your body's natural healing abilities.

Katrina Jean Taylor


Directed Technique Calm, Clear & Connected, Free to be me, Free to be happy, Joy & Love Living Lightly, Nourish Your Child Meditations & Medical Intuitive Energy Healing Workshop

"I listened to the Direction Technique meditations and had the most profound experience. I became very conscious of the swishing of air and of my own breathing becoming louder.

There seemed to be a flow on effect. I experienced a profound sound and felt vibrations across the top half of my chest up to my neck area. The sound resonated though this area over several seconds changing in tone. Initially the tone was deep, widespread and became shallower. I listened to my own breath and knew my body was being healed. I found using earphones to connect to the audio meditations made me conscious of my own breath. 

I became aware of the learnings of the medical intuitive workshop the week before, where I heard the crystal sound meditation. I believe it had a ripple effect on that day. I was more focused on where the breath went in my body. 

The routine of focussing on particular words, after the last Direction Technique workshop gives you a personal response and insight and thereby opens up new possiblities. 

Katrina gave homework after the meeting to gain knowledge, strategies and direction. I developed a routine of going through these words and found I did not need to spend hours, but at times, seconds to find new insights, feel change and improve my health. What I enjoyed about this work is it specifically tailored to myself. Self propel by doing your own energy work."
Ros Andre

"At times when I feel anxious, I listen to the Meditations. Each Direction Technique meditation has a different effect. Free to be Me and Free to be Happy audio meditations helps me feel calmer and the more I can be feel free to be myself. If I'm not feeling well, feel a bit flat and have a sore throat, I listen to Free to be Happy meditation. Joy and Love: Living Lightly meditation lifts my energy.  I take note of certain glands when I listen to the meditations. (This day was the pituitary and pancreas gland) and I recognise an increase of saliva in my mouth. When I drive to work, I listen to Free to be Me meditation. I find any feelings of anxiety leave, especially after I have attended the medical intuitive monthly workshops, where I learn how to place my intentions and thoughts to heal my 7 glands. The Calm, Clear & Connected  meditation crystal bowl meditation clears my energy field, helps me sleep and remove stuck energy.  

After doing workshops, and being more focussed with my intentions, the meditations seem to be more direct. I can scan my own body and was directed to parts of my body that alerted me that I needed to do a healing.  The next day all pain in ribs gone.

I listened to the Free to be Me meditation and physically felt tingling sensations around my feet. If I have had a bad sleep, I listen in my lunch break to feel more energy, stay calm and to stay focused at work.  My colleague noticed, that I look brighter and my eyes become sparkly. It helps me feel calm.
Nicole Sheppard

"When I think of a dolphin, I automatically smile and feel  happy. The best thing I enjoy when I listen to the Direction Technique meditations, is when I'm walking and driving my car." 
Joyce Perrier-Helmuth

"I see owls when I do the Direction Technique meditations and they make me feel happy."
Judy Sheppard

"I see wolves"
Aria Sheppard (14 years old)

"The Direction Technique Lift Your Energy and be Happy meditation helps me feel more awake, refreshed, light and I feel a better"
Harper Sheppard (12-years-old)".

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The Direction Technique Meditation is designed to balance your glands for your body to feel energised. This is different to other meditations because listening to the sounds of the crystal singing bowls, calms you and energises at the same time, as well balances your 7 glands.

These active meditation helps you balance your life body and bring energy in at the same time while calming your nervous system. It brings together the peaceful sounds of the crystal singing bowls, focused intentions for the mind, and balances the chakras of the body, and the endocrine system which are aligned with the body’s endocrine, hormonal system and helps you to bring energy into your body.