Autistic Language

New ways to communicate with Autistic Language

Autism has its own language. The autistic child may want the parent or educator to learn their language, which is language of thought and special awareness. This language may not be the same as the parents’ language. The Direction Technique introduces a new way of communicating for the parent to learn the child’s language, which is the autistic language. Autistic language is multidimensional, which explains why they need their own space. Each autistic child is different from another autistic child. In some cases a child will use the spoken language, while others will communicate through non- spoken language.

Some autistic children seem to display genius behavior. They are on earth to bring new knowledge to the world.

The autistic child may not like being in one place at one time. They develop what I refer to as multidimensional behaviour. Teleportation is a way of thinking in a multidimensional way, which allows you to reach these autistic children.

Direction Technique uses teleportation skills and brings a new way of helping to communicate with autistic children. One tool that can help children of the autistic child is how to teleport to communicate with these special children who already know how to communicate beyond language.

Autistic children like to be in their own hologram. A hologram is also a structured energy current. Everyday we live in a set of energy currents. A hologram is like going to another world. A characteristic of autistic children is they live in holograms in other dimensions. People might say realms. The autistic child goes to these realms and may stay there.

The Direction Technique teaches a parent to go to these realms and understand their child, as well as allowing the child to come back to everyday life, by accessing the endocrine system. This technique brings awareness to the body and helps the children activate the endocrine system, which causes the glands to be aligned.

An extension of the Direction Technique is Dolphin Energy Healing, where the dolphin’s skin connects to the autistic child. The dolphins make the children happy and through happiness children learn. The autistic child communicates with the dolphin. I have witnessed improvement in speech and awareness. The Direction Technique is a tool to help facilitate happiness connections. Swimming with the dolphin is an ultimate act to heal the child.

Once the autistic child feels safe and others understand them and their unique way of learning, then they may not demand so much attention and they feel heard. This is a way for the child to feel loved. The child picks up the stress of those close by. It is imperative for the educator or parent to look for signs to change what they are doing and change it. This will fill the emotional void within the child and they then can communicate their needs. It is important to notice the signs early to prevent the onset of obsessive-compulsive behavior.

Parents and educators may at times feel stressed or frustrated trying to help these children. They do love them. I feel so much compassion for those that help these children. If parents and educators can learn a different way to understand them, then they can develop effective teaching strategies, as well as ways to create quality time with their child.

I have facilitated a healing on an autistic child when the parents took the dolphin course to learn how to understand autistic multidimensional language. The child improved in mathematics. I also construct individual learning programmes for children, special needs and adults so they can continue to be learn from with the dolphins in the future.

The new children in the world are very good at being multidimensional, as they use the skill of teleporting in everyday life with modern technology.

I have noticed some autistic children’s nervous systems become calm after either watching or being in the blue, green ocean. These children respond to change if they have your trust, feel safe, and learn new ways to make their energy field outside their body feel solid. If they can control their energy field around their body, then they can interact more easily with the world around them.

Case Study: Autism

While working internationally, I witnessed a young man’s autistic child speak for the first time in four years. John had wanted me to help his son speak. Using the Direction Technique we refined

the teleportation skill then we were able to communicate with his autistic son. John discovered how to visualize his son on his knee. He found that teleporting was an easy way to understand how to communicate with his son. I asked John what he wanted to tell his son. He replied, “Wake up, son.” The response was funny. I heard this message by using my teleportation skills with his son. John’s son said, “I am already awake. You wake up, Dad. I have the genius gene.” (We later discovered that the father might have had slight systems of repetitive behaviour as a child.) He suddenly released a lot of grief.

I also told this man, “Don’t be surprised if another young energy is surrounding you and your wife.” One week later, John told me that his son spoke for the first time in four years and his wife just told him she was pregnant. 

To read more about Developing Intuitive Abilities in Children, I have documented more case studies and knowledge for parents to understand how their children communicate and how the parent can understand subtle energies can heal their children in my book, "Focus for Direction- How to sEld Heal and find Your Own Answers