Be Yourself in a Group: Strong and Stable

Katrina Taylor
Dec 1, 2016                                                                              
New Way of Treating a Virus with Energy Healing

New Way of Treating a Virus: Part 2

Strengthen Your Glands 

To be able to adapt (meaning strengthening your immune system, being flexible and understanding the healing powers of energy) to the new strains of viruses in the world, a person needs to vibrate energy into their glands. These glands in the body, specifically, the pineal, pituitary, thymus, adrenals, pancreas and reproductive glands, then are prepared to adjust and regulate with efficiency. Then your body boosts your immunity so you are at a lower risk of feeling the effects of a virus, and if you do, you have activated your body's intelligence to fight the virus.

Once your body, mind and body systems work in harmony, then you notice you have the ability to have heightened intuitive senses, which are essential for you to evolve, and expand your intuitive senses for your future.

Psychic Senses

This is why I am writing about these ancient intuitive senses that have been maturing for centuries. It is imperative for the intuitive senses to advance, especially with the changes happening on the planet now. The changing gravity, or force of energy is affecting peoples’ feelings of being stable; therefore they are influenced by collective thoughts of the world.

Your mind can be weakened when you start thinking like the collective, when it is negative. You become influenced by negative energy. A weakened mind can weaken your body. This also weakens your immune system and actually helps your body to attract a virus. 
                                                                                                                               Our “psychic senses” need to be activated, which helps the psychic senses of the glands to be activate, which allows the body to adapt to the new viruses in the world.

The new way of energy healing - which uses your intuitive energy – which allows this to happen is called Direction Technique. By training energy, one can shift belief systems out of the collective conscious, and give a person a clear positive space to see clearly, lessen confusion, clean energy and give clarity. 

Be Yourself in a Group

The more you change negative behaviours that  weaken your thinking, the more you gain confidence and you show others who you are in a group. When you do this, you shift your negative perceptions about yourself, your environment and the world. The natural protective immunity boosts, strengthens and realigns a sense of self in a collective that could be quite damaging depending what the collective belief is.

Negativity can make you vulnerable to disease and particularly a virus.

Direction Technique does shifts belief systems out of the collective conscious, giving a person a clear positive space to:

  • See clearly
  • Lessen confusion
  • Clean energy
  • Gives clarity. 

Four years ago, I had clients for a whole year, display the same symptoms, persistent coughing, inability to eat and these symptoms lasted for months.  Two years before this, I knew I was adapting, preparing my intuitive senses to develop to the new strains of viruses to help prepare my immune system. I was sick for nearly twelve months knowing I was preparing for my future.

 Strengthen Your Immune System

My immune system now works immediately, my thymus, pituitary, adrenal, pineal, pancreas, thyroid and reproductive glands work in harmony and I can adapt, change my perceptions, and know what beliefs to change. I am aware of the effects of energy and get better quicker, instead of taking months to adjust.

If you train your energy, meaning dedicating your daily life with positive affirmations and develop a positive mind-set, your intuitive senses then work in alignment with your body and mind, creating clean energy in your body. Your brain develops neuronal pathways, which is essential to connect the nervous, endocrine and immune system bringing you not only a sense of peace, but feelings of positivity and good health.

These intuitive senses have been lost over time and it's “now”, they need attention. They are the gut, hearing, feeling, knowing, sensing, and to note, the young generation are fully aware of the colors that heal you. These colors have been used by the ancient healers throughout history and each color is used for energy healing for emotional, physical and spiritual blockages.

By training your intuitive senses, you develop another unique intuitive skill and that is having the ability to use sound vibration to heal cells in the body. By directing harmonic sounds into your body and learning to direct sound into parts of the body that are weakened, cells then have energy fields that accept healing.

Ancient Healing Sound Vibration

Once you begin to focus on training energy, then the ancient healing vibrations are shown to you. You will understand how heat, if directed properly can heal cells, you will be shown the ancient healing methods of transferring matter, or illness out of the body and placing this dense energy into a more solid form, i.e., rock or ice.

It is essential to heal the cells of past trauma, prolonged grief, so you can adapt, change and notice how intuitive you have become.

How Does the Direction Technique Help?

What I do is tap into the body's natural ability to strengthen itself by using this new intuitive energy healing called the Direction Technique.

This technique allows you to strengthen your sense of self, your mind and body through positive thoughts and beliefs about yourself, people and the world.

This technique using the extraordinary natural power of your body to tap into your intuition, but also it reveals the natural way to tap into the intuitive energy that is stored in each of your body's glands. By activating this intuitive energy throughout your body, you elevate your energy to a higher and lighter frequency which allows the body the chance to create natural healthy ways to heal. The immune system is strengthened over time with this new intuitive energy, and in the process weakens the impact of the virus and disease in your body.

That is why I developed the Direction Technique.

Katrina Jean Taylor
Medical Intuitive/Energy Healer

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