When I began training Medical Intuitive Direction Technique Practitioners, my dream was to spread hope and healing to clients and bring stability to the world. What I didn’t expect was that the practitioners who understood how simple the Direction Technique application helps people find peace, harmony, direction, clarity and answers, would be kind, compassionate, courageous unique people, with a desire to see people transform their lives.  I  feel  the joy and passion  that comes from these people, and I am forever grateful these kind souls want to help others have a better life. The training to be a Medical Intuitive Direction Technique Certified Practitioner helps people spread wisdom and kindness, heal emotional and physical ailments and a gives the practitioner a deep purpose, and this is transferred to their clients.

What we do with this focussed system is to clear away the obstacles that are blocking people’ from moving forward in their lives. All our practitioners are intensively trained. Our philosophy is to speak the truth, nuture ones soul's destiny and develop wisdom.

I’m still grateful that my profession as a trained educator has rippled into the health industry, and I can deliver these dynamic programs with professionalism, which is targeted to ensure our clients are safe and supported. In a world that’s getting more unbalanced, chaotic, and the lands are moving at rapid rates,  these Direction Technique Certified Practitioners offers clarity, stability, professionalism, and confidence, in the way they use the Direction Technique for themselves and others. 

If you feel the call to do this kind of work, then listen to your own inner wisdom and join Katrina's trainings. I can’t wait to be with other like minded individuals that share the same visions

If You Want All Katrina Has To Give, This Is It!

The Medical Intuitive Direction Technique is a simple way to achieve success in reaching your dreams and highest potential.

Medical Intuitive Direction Technique  Certified Practitioner training is open to individuals who have completed Medical Intuitive Level 1 & 2

It will build on all of the training you’ve had so far, deepen your knowledge and use of the Katrina Jean Taylor's tools to improve individuals ability to heal themselves and others, and help you take your practice to the next level.

Empower yourself to become a successful and  confident  Medical Intuitive Direction Technique™ professional practitioner or to use for yourself to self heal.

Mission Statement

The Direction Technique™ is a simple way to achieve success in reaching your dreams

The Direction Technique™ is a simple way to reach your highest potential.

The Direction Technique™ is a simple way to find the origins of an issue your childhood, adolescence or any time in your life to heal your  past, present and future.

The Direction Technique™ is a simple way to find everyday strategies to find peace and direction

The Direction Technique™ helps an individual to take action to achieve dreams


Our philosophy is to speak truth, nurture ones souls’ destiny and develop wisdom