Searching for Wisdom, Clairvoyance and Finding Peace

Katrina Jean Taylor, a spiritual healer, clairvoyant, medical intuitive, medium, shaman and educator of helping those searching for guidance in life to clear negative energy, staying positive every day and create abundance. Katrina has helped those with illnesses such as viruses, diabetes, cancer, sore back, heart and blood disorders and with anxiety.  Katrina works with children , teenagers, mothers, couples and runs courses with groups. 

With years of experience helping others help them selves and those around them combined with her own struggles and achievements in life, Katrina Jean Taylor shares her knowledge as a  Medical Intuitive, Shaman and Healer to helps others live a happier,  peaceful and healthier life.

Daily Affirmation



" I take every chance to feel free in this world."




Join Katrina's journey of insights, affirmations, and channeled messages. 


Looking for  guidance and direction in life, to overcome obstacles and have strategies to move forward in life, or maybe you have tried everything that medical practitioners have tried and they too, are searching for answers to your problems. Katrina has healed over five thousand clients, taught around the world and  her passion is to teach and show others how they can find strategies to change.  Her clients have proven that her unique practices and techniques have helped many to continue living an easier and healthier lifestyle. Katrina is known for her shamanic healings and medical intuitive who can X-ray vision inside bodies and release stuck energy, helping the person to access their bodies natural healing powers.Katrina is available for  one on one healing sessions.


Whether you are looking to find the right course to help yourself and, or others. Katrina will be sure to assist you with your needs to set you on the right direction to achieving your goals. Katrina's aim is to help others but to also allow you to help your family, friends, husband, daughter or son. Clients of Katrina's have made testimonials, describing how her healing, guidance and her intuitive training have helped improve their lives.


Katrina Jean Taylor

Katrina Jean Taylor is an internationally-renowned teacher, speaker and author. She developed the breakthrough energy healing method, the Direction Technique™. With two degrees and a diploma in teaching, she is also a medical intuitive who is at the forefront of energy healing for the world.

Currently Katrina has breakthrough knowledge about viruses in the world 

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